Oni Press Delves Into "Past Lies" This January

Official Press Release

Oni Press is pleased to announce the January release of PAST LIES, an exciting original graphic novel by Christina Weir, Nunzio DeFilippis and Christopher Mitten; the masterminds behind THE TOMB. Intrigue, mystery and murder take center stage in this detective story with a twist.

Amy Devlin is a hard working private investigator, and has seen and heard just about everything. When a man comes into her office and asks her to solve a murder, it's just another day at the office. But when he tells her that he's the murder victim, things get a little strange. It seems that due to a post hypnotic suggestion planted in his mind in a previous life, he can remember who he was, how he lived, and that he was murdered. And his murder just happens to be one of the biggest unsolved mysteries of the last 50 years. Now Amy Devlin has to fight through a web of past lies to find the truth, and solve a murder.

The story has plenty of twists and turns, and the writers went through a few themselves, trying to pin down their detective.

"Amy Devlin isn't the original lead we had in mind for this story," Co-writer Christina Weir commented. "But as we figured out where the plot would take us, we knew what we wanted in our lead. She's a completely different kind of P.I. than you've seen before, and she's got secrets all her own."

Co-writer Nunzio DeFilippis added, "We set out to write the story with a certain twist in mind about our Private Investigator. Then we did the research on what it really takes to be a P.I. and saw that we had it all wrong. But instead of killing the story for us, we realized that with a few small tweaks, our twist worked perfectly with the reality of it. It was one of those rare cases where research both damages then helps your story; in rapid succession."

"Christina and Nunzio are extremely flexible writers," commented James Lucas Jones, Oni editor-in-chief. "They move so easily between genres, and seem to feel equally at home in all of them. You'd never guess that this is their first time writing a complicated and intricate murder mystery."

Re-teaming with Weir and DeFilippis is their artist from THE TOMB, Christopher Mitten.

"We met Chris at the San Diego comic convention several years ago, saw his stuff and knew immediately that we wanted to work with him," Weir explained. "We put together three ideas - one being THE TOMB, one being PAST LIES and a third one. At the time Oni was most interested in THE TOMB. But we had so much fun with Chris, we knew that we wanted to come back to PAST LIES and give Chris the chance to draw that. The initial sketches he did for our proposal were amazing and I think those played a large part in us wanting to come back and see that story through to completion."

Mitten was just as anxious to collaborate again. "It's great to be back with Nunzio and Christina. They've been nothing but great to me. Plus, I'm a fan. With everything I've done, I've been very lucky to work with people who are not only extremely talented and kind, but whose work I admire and respect, whose books I genuinely look forward to reading when they're released.

"I think they have fun writing for me, and I know I have fun drawing for them, so, really, I'm not quite sure what else to ask for, creatively speaking. Except that the books sells. Sells a lot. That'd be a nice little cherry."

DeFilippis concluded, "We've tried to do as many different genres as the Oni crew will let us. And thus far, they've let us wander from comedy to fantasy to horror to crime. This is a new genre for us, a genuine murder mystery. So it's new, in a lot of ways. We've always wanted to do a real mystery, but we couldn't help throwing in a supernatural twist with the past life angle, and as we've written it, it's become- like our other Oni books - more about the characters than the plot. Some things never change."

PAST LIES is a 168 page original graphic novel with black and white story and art. It ships to comic book stores in January, and retails for $14.95 with an ISBN of 1932664343.

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