Oni Press delivers more "Salt Water Taffy" this week

Official Press Release

"Salt Water Taffy Vol. 2: A Climb Up Mt. Barnabus"

Following closely on the success of the first volume of his new graphic adventure series, Matthew Loux brings us the second installment with SALT WATER TAFFY VOL. 2: A CLIMB UP MT. BARNABAS. In stores this week and with a third volume already in the works, critics are convinced that the American Library Association & YALSA award winning Matthew Loux is here to stay. Read what they're saying about Loux and his amazing all ages series SALT WATER TAFFY!

Good Comics For Kids "[Saltwater Taffy] will delight kids and parents equally." -GoodComicsForKids.com

Aint It Cool News Review "Matthew Loux does a great job of recreating that feeling of a pair of city boys on vacation with their parents, looking at everything with wide eyes and disbelief ... It's the kind of story that tweaks the imagination ... Anyone who has ever longed for that feeling of innocence and wonder, of childhood vacations and adventures with family, should check this one out." - Ambush Bug AintItCool.com

ReadAboutComics.com. "...I can't help but think that kids will be just [as] entranced by Loux's graphic novel as I was by my books back in the day ...a book that could be used almost as a lesson in how to properly pace a story. Not a single one of its 96 pages are wasted ... Loux packs a lot of fun into this book, and with each new twist and turn it just gets more and more entertaining. You'll read it quickly not because it's short, but rather because it's hard to not want to read it as fast as you can... so that you can go back to the first page and start all over again. Fun, fun, fun from start to finish. More, please." -ReadAboutComics.com

Eye On Comics "This is an adorable little book, and it actually lives up to the label "all ages," normally associated with comics that are really just for kids alone." -Don MacPherson.

Johnny Bacardi Show "...you'll find yourself having a good time with this story of a giant lobster with sinister designs on not only the surface world but his own fellow lobsters as well, and how the boys team up with a wizened old fisherman to battle it ... First of what appears to be a very enjoyable series. A-" -Johnny Bacardi Show

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