Oni Press collects Madman, Jay Stephen's work

[Madman]For Madman fans this news really can't get more exciting.

Oni Press is working with creator Mike Allred to bring his original Madman Comics back into print, just in time for the 10th anniversary of the character. "Madman: The Oddity Odyssey" was originally published by Tundra, long since out of business, was a groundbreaking piece of comics work that took comic readers by surprise. That original three issue black and white with gray tones mini-series was followed by a second series also published by Tundra, the "Madman Adventures," a full color series published before Madman moved under the Dark Horse logo. Now, both of these long out of print stories will return courtesy Oni Press.

"Mike Allred is one of the main reasons I am in this business," said Oni Press publisher Joe Nozemack in a press release. "It's truly an honor to be reprinting these wonderful stories. Even after a decade, they blow away 90% of what's on the racks. They're fun, irreverent, and redefine how we view comics as pop art. Allred is a true original."

"Oni is like a home away from home for me," Allred commented. "When I started my own publishing through AAA Pop, Oni acted as a big brother and helped me get things off the ground, with Joe Nozemack giving me advise on how to get the ball rolling and Jamie S. Rich returning to the editorial capacity he had served with me at Dark Horse. When it came time to find these books new guardians, I didn't have to look far."

[Madman]"It doesn't get more exciting than this," added Jamie S. Rich. "Working with Mike in the past has always been one of the high points of my career. I've been loving our time on THE ATOMICS, and am proud to have my name associated with some of the most unique comic books to ever grace the shelves. And with the current heat surrounding Mike because of X-FORCE, and it being the tenth anniversary of the character, it's the perfect time for his new fans to see where it all began."

"Madman: The Oddity Odyssey" is 152 pages of gray-toned black-and-white artwork retailing for $15.96, shipping to comic stores on February 15, 2002. This will be followed by "Madman Adventures" to be released on June 13, 2002, featuring an extensive gallery section from the Graphitti hardcover "Madman: Two Trilogies." Both collections will have new covers by Mike and Laura Allred. "Madman Adventures" will also reprint the first appearance of Frank Einstein, Madman's alter ego. This never before reprinted short story will be colored for the first time by Laura Allred.

[Oddville]Additionally, Oni announced in another press release will be publishing old and new work from creator Jay Stephens. In December, Oni will released the never-before published volume of "Atomic City Tales, followed in January, 2001 by a new edition of "Oddville," a collection of strips Stephens originally did for independent newspapers around North America.

"For me, the early part of the last decade was an incredible time in comics," said Oni Press editor in chief, Jamie S. Rich in the release, "and when I think of that time, there are certain names associated with it-Pope, Smith, Allred, and of course, Stephens. These are people who changed our perceptions of what independent comic books could look like. Having any of their work off of the shelves is a crime."

"Some people only know me as the all-ages guy, who does cute comics about little girl superheroes," Stephens said. "If you look at the body of my work, though, you'll see that I'm much more difficult to pin down. I try to adapt to each project and make it new and different. With ODDVILLE, it's just me being wacky."

"Oddville" will be followed up by a printing of the first volume of "Atomic City Tales," originally published by Kitchen Sink Press, another publisher no longer with us. The second volume of ACT is schedule for December, 2001.

"Fans have been waiting many years to see what happens with Big Bang and the rest of the crew," Rich added. "Now they will finally have the chance to find out."

"In many ways, I believe to know where an artist is going, you also must know where he has been," Stephens concluded. "For a while now, the foundation of what is informing my current work has been out of reach of many of my new fans. It's about time we set that right."

ODDVILLE ships to comic stores on January 25, 2002. It's 88 pages of black-and-white story and art, is 9" X 10", and priced at $10.95. ATOMIC CITY TALES: GO POWER ships to comic stores on April 19, 2002. It's a standard comics-sized book with 160 pages of black-and-white story and art, and retails for 12.95, while the second ATOMIC CITY TALES is set for December 2, 2002, yet price and length haven't bee determined yet.

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