Oni Press & Artist Mike Hawthorne Provide "Hysteria" Incentives

Official Press Release

12/28/04 – Oni Press is pleased to announce some exciting free give-a-ways for retailers that pre-order "Hysteria Volume 2 – One Man Gang", the new book by Eisner Award Nominee Mike Hawthorne (Ballad of Sleeping Beauty, Queen & Country).

During the creation of the new, all action, graphic novel Mike Hawthorne has created tons of developmental art, which will be collected in a mini-sketchbook. Each sketchbook will feature 20 pages of promotional and developmental art, as well as two full color illustrations (including the original, unused cover for the book). In addition the artist will be personalizing each one with a small sketch on the inside front cover.

Retailers will receive one of the personalized sketchbooks for every five copies of Hysteria Volume 2 – One Man Gang they pre-order.

Mike Hawthorne is also creating an original, signed and numbered, screen print for those that order three copies of the book.

The print runs of the Sketchbook and the Prints will be determined by the initial pre-orders, and no more will be made. So, retailers will be the only people these items will be available to.

So, keep an eye out for Mike Hawthorne's Hysteria Volume 2 – One Man Gang, by Oni Press, in January's Previews.

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