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[One Plus One]This September, Oni Press will unveil the latest addition to its line-up: Neal Shaffer and Daniel Krall's ONE PLUS ONE. A five-issue miniseries, ONE PLUS ONE is a neo-noir comic book with dark shades of psychological horror, following a man who keeps fate on track when someone seeks to change the course of their natural destiny. The cover for each issue will be by the co-creator of POWERS and BASTARD SAMURAI, Michael Avon Oeming.

"I met Neal and Daniel at San Diego in 2001," explained Oni Press editor in chief Jamie S. Rich. "They came to the Oni booth and they had one of the most professional presentations we had ever seen. Neal had his pitches down, and Daniel had a portfolio that was extraordinary. There wasn't a question of whether or not we wanted to work with them, it was just a matter of where to begin. They had three miniseries ideas, all of them really good. We finally settled on ONE PLUS ONE."

"Our working relationship grew out of a mutual interest in story," Krall added. "Both of us had been doing work separately outside of comics for a while. Neal had been doing journalism, and I was doing illustration, and painting. Comics have always been something I wanted to do, and sort of a natural conclusion to a lot of our ideas."

The story of ONE PLUS ONE focuses on David Coulson, a man who travels the world making sure that the bad guys stay on their course and meet the dastardly end planned for them. His current quarry is a young gambler looking to play both ends against the middle, something David can't allow. It's up to him to take the gambler under his wing and give him the skills he needs to get stuck in the game forever.

[One Plus One Page]"For us, David is almost a vessel," Shaffer said. "It's not so much about him as it is the people he encounters, the environment he lives in. And not just the people he targets, but the ancillary personalities he meets along the way. People like the woman in our story in the ONI PRESS COLOR SPECIAL 2002, whose job may or may not be the same as his. And Leonard, the man in the first story arc who can see folks as they will look after they die. It leaves us open to an almost infinite number of possibilities."

"The title comes from the Godard/Rolling Stones documentary of the same name. We're intentionally tweaking and playing with some of the ideas present there, in addition to setting David up as a sort of variable. His presence in an equation marks a fundamental change in the sum total."

"I knew Daniel and Neal from their association with Insight Studios," Oeming said. "Their talent and dedication is apparent to everyone who sees their work, and I knew they would go far. In some ways, you could see me doing covers as giving them an extra promotional boost for their first comic; in another, you could say I am hitching my wagon to the top talent of tomorrow."

"It's a rare opportunity to stumble across creators like this," Rich said. "When you read ONE PLUS ONE, you'll be shocked that they haven't created a ton of comics already. And then when you stop to think, you'll realize that this is only the beginning. ONE PLUS ONE is creepy, intriguing, and emotionally taut. I anticipate a lot of fan mail bemoaning the fact that it's only five issues."

ONE PLUS ONE #1 (of 5) goes on sale September 11, 2002. It features 32 pages of black-and-white story and art and a color cover. It retails for $2.95 and is suggested for mature readers. There will also be a special color short story in the ONI PRESS COLOR SPECIAL 2002, as well as previews online at onipress.com.

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