Oni offers up 'The Atomics: Spaced Out Grounded'

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Get ready for a super good time come October, as Oni Press and AAA Pop will be bringing you Mike Allred's THE ATOMICS: SPACED OUT AND GROUNDED IN SNAP CITY, a trade paperback collection of four one-shots Allred has written starring his characters. The book will include the It Girl one-shot with Chynna Clugston-Major (SCOOTER GIRL), Mr. Gum by J. Bone (WOLVERINE/DOOP), Spaceman by Lawrence Marvit (SPARKS), and an older Allred comic, printed in color for the first time-Crash Metro & the Star Squad! Drawn by artist Martin Ontiveros in 1999, the 27-page space opera has new colors by Han Allred, done exclusively for this collection.

"CRASH METRO is like a lost gem," said Oni Press editor in chief Jamie S. Rich. "It's like space debris, floating amongst all the other comics released into the cosmos in the last several years. We're taking it back and claiming it for Oni!"

"It's still one of my favorite things I've done," Allred explained. "Martin Ontiveros is just such an amazing artist. He draws the best robots! We had him before he became a sensation illustrating the RICKY RICOTTA'S MIGHTY ROBOT children's books. SPACED OUT AND GROUNDED IN SNAP CITY wouldn't be the same without this book here."

All the collaborations in this trade paperback were born out of Allred's fondness for each artist. "I thought it was time to open my characters up for other people's interpretations, to do something more extensive than just pin-ups. It was pretty easy to match the artists to the characters. No one can draw groovy chicks the way Chynna does, so It Girl was a natural choice. And who wouldn't want to see J. Bone draw the stretch-tacular Mr. Gum?"

Perhaps the most unique of the collaborations was with Lawrence Marvit on Spaceman. "It was built like a Frankenstein monster," Rich said. "Mike plotted it out, and Lawrence did all the breakdowns. He painted up the backgrounds, and then pencilled all the characters, designing aliens and inking the periphery figures. Mike came in and inked Spaceman and the other characters remaining, and Laura colored all the figures. When Keith Wood put the pieces together, what we got was a multi-planed, multi-textured out-of-this-world extravaganza."

"The way I look at this, it's like those great big DC books from when I was a kid, where you favorite heroes go off and have outlandish things happen to them," Allred concluded. "That I get to do this with my own characters and have some of my favorite current artists draw it-well, it doesn't get any better than this, does it?"

THE ATOMICS: SPACED OUT AND GROUNDED IN SNAP CITY is a 112 page trade paperback presented in full color. It features a new cover put together by Mike and Laura Allred. It will retail for $12.95 and arrive in comic book stores on October 8, 2003.

And Mike Allred fans should remember that the X-STATIX artist is returning to his signature creation for the MADMAN KING-SIZE SUPER SPECIAL in July, writing and illustrating a brand-new, full-length Frank Einstein adventure, alongside short stories by Daniel Krall, Nick Derington, and Steven Weissman.

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