Oni Launches New Sex Ed-Focused Imprint

Oni Press announced today that they are launching Limerence Press, a new imprint that will focus on erotic and sex education-focused books. Limerence will kick off publishing this fall with a print version of "Oh Joy Sex Toy," the comedic and educational web comic from Erika Moen and Matthew Nolan.

According to Oni's announcement, the imprint will focus on "positive, diverse and approachable" stories that "reflect a wide variety of emotional and intimate experiences." In the press release, Oni Press Managing Editor Ari Yarwood expressed her excitement to work on the imprint, stating, "There was a point in my life where I was either going to work in comics or work in sex education, and while I obviously ended up working in comics, Limerence Press is the combination of both those passions. As a queer lady, I'm invested in publishing erotica and sex education comics that reflect the wonderful spectrum of human sexuality."

Limerence will launch the first three volumes of "Oh Joy Sex Toy" this fall, starting with Volume 1 and Volume 2 on Oct. 5. Both of those books have been previously released through Kickstarter, and are available online. Volume 3 is being released via Kickstarter and Limerence on Nov. 9, and each edition will feature a different cover.

"Matthew and I are ecstatic to now be working with Oni Press and Limerence! Our shelves have been full of beautiful Oni books for years and we're both so honored and delighted for the opportunity to put our books alongside theirs," Moen said in a statement. "We are a small, two-person comic-making team, and with Limerence we're looking forward to having our work reach a broader audience of people who crave fun sex positivity and bad puns in their life."

No further publishing plans for Limerence Press have yet been revealed.

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