Oni & Komikwerks Merge Charity Efforts

Oni Press and Komikwerks have teamed up and merged their disaster relief efforts into one focused fund-raiser. Last week both publishers independently announced that they had started efforts to create auctions that would benefit the American Red Cross relief fund.

Oni's auction includes items from Warren Ellis, Greg Rucka, Ted Naifeh, Gail Simone, Brian Wood, Renee French, Steve Rolston, Jen Van Meter, Beau Smith, Lea Hernandez, Jim Mahfood, Pete Woods, Rebecca Woods, Mike Norton, Scott Morse, Stan Sakai, Dan Brereton, Shannon Wheeler, Brian Bendis, Guy Davis, Tom Grummett & Karl Kesel, Chynna Clugston-Major, Evan Dorkin, Judd Winick, Brad Meltzer, Mike Allred, and Paul Dini.

Meanwhile Komikwerks had rounded up commitments from Erik Larsen, Ande Parks, Travis Moore, Jaime Mendoza, Mark Brooks, Larry Stucker, Mikel Whelan, Shannon Denton, Michael Brennan, Mo Willems, Howard Shum, Lee Weeks, Phil Hester, Andy Kuhn, Keith Giffen, Kevin Eastman, Deon Nuckols, Sean Parsons, TidalWave Studios, Will Meugniot, Bernie Wrightson, Mike W. Barr, Danny Miki, Gerry Alanguilan, Sigmund Torre, Lee Furgeson, Matt Broome, Shannon Wheeler, Mike Miller, Scott Reed, Mike Foran, Greg Aronowitz and Patrick Coyle.

Artwork and donations from this all-star lineup will now be combined into one massive auction with proceeds benefiting the American Red Cross Relief Fund. The auction is due to begin early in October.

Professionals who are interested in donating to the auction should send inquiries to comicshelp@onipress.com or Patrick@Komikwerks.com. The deadline for submissions is October 1st.

Up to date information about the auction can be found at the Komikwerks.com Web site.

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