Oni collects 'Shot Callerz' this February

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Shot CallerzThis February, when the storm clouds will be gathering in the sky Oni Press is bringing you a little dose of gray morality grimmer than any winter weather. Crime novelist Gary Phillips (THE PERPETRATORS, SHOOTER'S POINT) and artist Brett Weldele (COUSCOUS EXPRESS) join creative forces for SHOT CALLERZ, a new trade paperback collecting last summer's hardboiled miniseries.

"Gary comes from the book trade and the skills he's developed in that medium shine throughout his comics," commented series editor James Lucas Jones. "SHOT CALLERZ shares the kind of street-smart sensibilities found in all of Gary's books, and now it can share their spot on the bookshelf, too."

Nea Garvin had it all-a loving boyfriend, a truckload of dirty money, and a chance for a fresh start. But that all ended when her man, Phil Tangiers, shot her in the back and left her for dead. Now she's back on her feet and on the trail of her double-crossin' ex and the small fortune that was supposed to be theirs.

"When James first brought me the pitch for SHOT CALLERZ I checked out a number of Gary's novels," added Weldele. "What I found was a set of adrenalin-packed tales filled with down-and-dirty characters and dangerous situations delivered from a world view our medium is sorely lacking. Gary's stories are paced like a coronary. They just go and go and go until you think your heart is just going to give up and quit."

Nea isn't the only one out for revenge and cash, though. Big Freight, the gang boss she and Phil "acquired" their wealth from, doesn't care about Nea's personal problems or Tangiers' brutal betrayal. All he wants is his cash and to send the people who took it six feet under.

"Comics have an energy that I just had to tap into," stated Phillips. "The kinetic visuals and unique storytelling devices just lend themselves to the kind of stories I love to tell. Sure, the collaborative nature of comics wasn't something I was accustomed to but Brett made it all easy. I'm thrilled with the results. "

"In both his prose and comics, Gary takes chances and makes moves that no one else would dream of," Oni publisher Joe Nozemack concluded. "His fiction buckles you into your seat and blasts you down a rollercoaster track full of violent turns and shocking loop de loops. Whether you've read the original miniseries or this book is your first time on the ride, this collection is sure to leave you breathless."

The SHOT CALLERZ collected edition ships February 5th, 2002 and hits stores on the 12th. The book retails for $11.95 US and has 128 black-and-white pages wrapped in a full-color cover.

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