Oni announces TPB treatment for Scott Morses' 'Magic Pickle'

Official Press Release

[Magic Pickle TPB]This July, Oni Press will unleash Weapon Kosher on the world again, releasing a collected version of Scott Morse's MAGIC PICKLE. This new book collects 2001's four-issue miniseries and follows Weapon Kosher, the Magic Pickle, as he awakes from cryogenic slumber in a world that he can neither understand nor tolerate! After several years tucked away in his secret base, the Pickle returns to active duty to find his hidden headquarters overrun by track housing and his enemies, the Brotherhood of Evil Produce wreaking havoc on the city of Hicksville!

"Luckily, Weapon Kosher doesn't have to face this weird new world alone," commented series editor James Lucas Jones. "He's got JoJo, the little girl who just happens to live over Weapon Kosher's subterranean compound!"

"Who wouldn't want to have a talking vegetable as a friend?" added Morse. "The fact that Weapon Kosher has powers above and beyond those of normal edibles makes him just about the coolest pal a kid could ask for."

But it's not all fun and games for JoJo and the Pickle. JoJo has decided it's her duty to help the pickle in his fight against sinister veggies, crazy coconuts, and rough-and-tumble roughage! Plus, it's not like she doesn't have problems of her own! But what good is a magic pickle in a war against a spoiled bully like LuLu Deederly or a quest to win the affections of that cutey Danny Johnson?

This book has the answer! In addition to collecting the four-issue miniseries, this trade paperback is as packed with as much extra material as the Magic Pickle is with extra vitamins and minerals! This superpowered package contains tons of never-before-seen art from Morse, a feature on how to draw produce, as well as new pin-ups from RARE CREATURE's Kelley Seda, HEROBEAR's Mike Kunkel, and more!

"Weapon Kosher and JoJo don't exactly have the typical hero/sidekick relationship,'" Jones concluded. "But their unique chemistry make them one of the funniest, cutest, and most charming duos in comics. This new collection of vinegary vignettes is just too tasty to pass up!"

The MAGIC PICKLE collected edition ships July 9, 2002, retails for $11.95, and is delicious for all ages. The 128-page, black-and-white volume collects all of the issues in the critically acclaimed miniseries, plus a jar full of extras all wrapped up in a full color cover.

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