Oni Announces "Sidescrollers," Exclusive CBR Preview

Official Press Release

Oni Press is way excited to announce the release of Matthew Loux (F-STOP)'s gnarly new graphic novel SIDESCROLLERS -- a hilarious story of friendship, small town desperation, a pack of scouts, summer, God cats, Satanic cats, football, Street Fighter, junk food, romance, rock, and roll.

Brian, Brad, and Matt are three best friends who have stuck with each other through thick and thin, despite the fact that they love to tease each other constantly. It's a sweet summer off from the bummers of high school in their small boring suburban town in Connecticut. They are the losers at their high school, the oddities of their town. When they're not working at the local fast food joint, you can find them either playing video games, eating junk food, or collecting comics.

"SIDESCROLLERS is a story about the kids who in school were considered either the nerds or the screw-ups," explained Loux. "These three guys are best friends going nowhere, but they're totally okay with that. Until of course, one fateful day when life takes them on an unexpected adventure they will never forget."

This day starts out like any other, with an innocent game of Street Fighter. But trouble brews when our perpetual losers discover that the new girl in town, Amber (of whom Matt is sweet on) is going to the big local rock show that night with Richard, the epitome of perverted, mean, and annoying high school football jocks. Our three heroes suspect that Richard (or "Dick", as he is known to them) has some creepy plans for the innocent girl he is preying on, and so they take action in the best way high schoolers can: by vandalizing his car!

Oni editor, Randal Jarrell describes the book as, "having all the absurdity of BETTER OFF DEAD coupled with the end-of-school slacker hurrah that we saw in DAZED AND CONFUSED."

"The thing I really love about SIDESCROLLERS, is how much it reminds me of my own high school experiences," claimed Oni Press editorial assistant Douglas Sherwood. "Even though the boys never step foot in a high school, I take more away from this book than any episode of SAVED BY THE BELL could ever give me. I grew up in a smaller town, and really had to look for fun because it never found me. My friends and I were also sort of outcasts, and so we spent our time screwing around with the hot shots of the school in various devious ways. So working on this book has been nothing but a complete joy for me, and I think anybody who had fun during the summers between high school years will have nothing but complete joy while reading it."

SIDESCROLLERS goes on to follow the boys throughout the day as they run from "Dick", but all they can find is more trouble as Brian gets beat up by a bunch of female scouts, and a cat possessed by Satan begins stalking Brad. All the while the football team is hot on their trail.

SIDESCROLLERS is listed in the current PREVIEWS and will ship to comic book stores September 29th, 2006. It features 208 pages of black and white story and art, and will retail for $11.95, with the Diamond Order Code: JUL06 3349 and an ISBN of 1-932664-50-5

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