Oni Announces Jamie S Rich's "The Everlasting"

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Official Press Release

Oni Press is pleased to announce the release of THE EVERLASTING, the long-awaited sophomore novel from Jamie S. Rich. With ties to Rich's previous and current works, (CUT MY HAIR and LOVE THE WAY YOU LOVE), THE EVERLASTING is the pop-culture filled story of one man's struggle with the intricacies of love.

Lance Scott has a pretty nice life. He's got a great apartment, spoiled cat, laidback roommate, a huge collection of records-all that's missing is the girl. A born romantic, Lance is on the lookout for that one special girl, but how will he know when he's found her? Three girls take turns with his heart, but will he ever be able to commit to any one of them, or will he always be looking back at what he's left, and forward at what might come?

Fans of Rich's other works will find a piece of a larger puzzle in THE EVERLASTING, as characters and themes connect to Rich's first novel and his ongoing comic series, LOVE THE WAY YOU LOVE.

"One of the main things I have taken from comic books," Rich explained, "is the concept of an individual fictional universe. Characters cross from one book to the other, the stories intersect, and sometimes you receive alternative accounts of events, changing to fit the point of view of who is telling it. But each novel and comic works on its own; no one should feel lost if they just jump in."

Lance is the younger brother of Tristan Scott, the main character in LOVE THE WAY YOU LOVE; a book where Lance makes himself seen and heard as his brother's brash protector.

"LOVE THE WAY YOU LOVE takes place when Lance is still a teenager," Rich commented. "In THE EVERLASTING, he's twenty-five, and we have a chance to see who he's become. He's still a mod, still considers Paul Weller to be the guiding influence in his life, is still a snappy dresser and talker, but has he grown up?"

Women play a central role in Lance's life, and choices abound as he moves between sophisticated Ashley, kind and sensitive Quentin, and the unpredictable and volatile Amanda. Each girl gives him something that he needs, will he ever be able to keep his eyes on just one?

"Jamie writes about the realities of love, not just the ideal of it," Oni editor in Chief James Lucas Jones commented. "Lance might be named after the knight Lancelot, but his story is no sappy fairy tale. It's real life, and that makes it compelling."

Readers will be able to sample THE EVERLASTING before its release through a series of "extras". Taking a cue from DVDs, Rich is making some "deleted scenes" available through various channels before the novel's release.

"As with any large production, you're going to have things that you write but ultimately remove from the final product. In the case of THE EVERLASTING, these were often complete sequences. They weren't removed because they were bad-on the contrary, some of the writing is amongst my finest. They were taken out because they were redundant when placed in context with other scenes. In looking at them, it seemed a shame to let them go into the waste bin, so instead I spruced them up so that they would stand alone as short stories, serving as addendums to THE EVERLASTING.

"With my comics work, it's easy to give people a quick taste of the book. You can toss out a handful of pages and they work like a movie trailer and people get interested. It's a little harder with prose to extract particular sections and have them stand alone. These stories provide you with a self-contained entertainment experiences that also give you an idea of what THE EVERLASTING is like in style and content. They're a little something extra."

Deleted scene Toys for Boys will be available at www.comicbookresources.com beginning May 22, 2006. Two weeks later, on June 5, www.comicon.com/pulse will feature Moon on Your Pyjamas. July brings the inaugural issue of Bottle Rocket Magazine (Red Hot Moon Books), which will feature original short story Chevelu with illustrations by Chynna Clugston and an interview with Rich featuring illustrations by Joelle Jones. Romeo May Be Bleeding, But Mercutio is Dead, an all-new Lance Scott serial set six years after THE EVERLASTING, will run on http://lancescott.livejournal.com beginning July 31. A complete listing of where and when these extras can be found is available at www.onipress.com .

"It's not often that you get original, supplemental material for free," Lucas commented. "This is a great opportunity for Jamie's fans to get more of his excellent writing, and for those who haven't tried his work before to sample it and hopefully be hungry for more."

THE EVERLASTING will ship to comic stores in August and has a cover price of $19.95 . It features a full color cover by Chynna Clugston, and an ISBN of 1-932664-54-8.

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