Oni And Jamie S. Rich "Love The Way You Love" This June

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Official Press Release

Oni Press is pleased to announce the debut of LOVE THE WAY YOU LOVE, a new series by Jamie S. Rich (CUT MY HAIR, DARK HORSE BOOK OF THE DEAD) and Marc Ellerby (PUT THE BOOK BACK ON THE SHELF, EYESORE). Music, true love and plenty of complications combine to make a story of romance and fame that's simply irresistible.

Tristan Scott seems to have everything going for him. As the lead singer of up and coming band Like A Dog, fans love him, and producers are just beginning to take notice; his star is clearly on the rise. But he's nursing a broken heart, and his band is on the verge of imploding. When he sees Isobel, it's love at first sight, and she feels the same. There's only one problem, she's engaged to a smarmy music producer who wants to take advantage of the success Like A Dog is building for themselves. Will Tristan and Isobel find a way to be together?

To fans of Rich's previous novel CUT MY HAIR, Tristan's name may sound familiar. He played a secondary role in the novel, and this new series expands on Tristan's rise to fame after the events of that story.

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""The thing I am excited about is that this larger universe I have created will finally be coming into view," explained Rich. "It's probably one of the main things I have taken from comic books, the concept of an individual fictional universe. Characters will cross from one book to the other, the stories intersect, and sometimes you might even receive alternative accounts of events, changing to fit the point of view of who is telling it."

That universe will expand further in August when Oni releases Rich's second novel, THE EVERLASTING, which follows the exploits of Tristan's younger brother Lance. Lance plays a major role in LOVE THE WAY YOU LOVE, as the main supporter of his brother's professional and personal life.

"Jamie always said he wanted to tell the story of Tristan," Oni editor in chief James Lucas Jones commented. "He'd planned out his trilogy of novels, and this was a period of time that wasn't going to be covered in those books. In talking about it, we realized that Tristan and Isobel's love story had the makings of a great comic, so why not tell it in that format?"

While the story line features the kind of romantic complications more common in shojo manga than in traditional North American comics, Rich chose an artist with a style that reflects the boyish nature of his main character. When he collaborated with Marc Ellerby on a story for PUT THE BOOK BACK ON THE SHELF, Rich realized he'd found the perfect visual voice for Tristan's story.

"Working with Marc is fun," Rich explained. "I feel his style is very reflective of a certain young mindset, like a lot of cultural influences are converging when he puts pen to paper. It's interesting, too, because there is over a decade between our ages, and we both have a lot of areas where we are simpatico and a lot of areas where we diverge. I think some of the band names he puts on T-shirts or background posters are there because he knows I'm not into them and he's trying to tweak me."

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"Jamie's been really supportive of my artwork for such a long time," Ellerby commented. "I used to send him my zines and mini comics when he was still editor at Oni and he kept up with my art through my LiveJournal and website and we've been in contact ever since. In fact, he was the first person to say to me 'Hey, it's about time the world knew about you,' and then actively go out of their way to get something off the ground. So I owe him quite a lot, so I dunno, maybe he owns my soul or something.

"I'm enjoying the storytelling that Jamie's applied to the book, one of the things I admire about manga is the way a story is left to breathe and Jamie fully understands that. I'm glad that we're left to sit back and take everything in and the reader isn't rushed, nor dragged along."

The romance begins when issue one ships to comic stores in June. Issue one will feature 72 pages of black and white comic and art, with a color cover by Ellerby and Chynna Clugston. It will feature a cover price of $5.95 and an ISBN of 1-932664-52-1.

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