One-Punch Man's Zombieman vs. Vampire Match Wasn't Even Close

WARNING: The following article contains spoilers for One-Punch Man Chapter 99 by ONE and Yusuke Murata, available now in English from Viz Media.

One-Punch Man's two-part Chapter 98 concluded with Child Emperor triumphing over Phoenix Man and on his way out of the Monster Association Headquarters with Waganma -- the kidnapped son of one of the Hero Association's top sponsors. Chapter 99 picks up around the time of that confrontation, focusing instead on Zombieman, an incredibly durable S-Class hero capable of regeneration. As Zombieman hacks his way through the Monster Association HQ, he encounters a group of monsters waiting in front of a double door. One of them asks the S-Class hero to kill the villain behind the door, with it later being revealed the monster eats his compatriots.

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Zombieman obliges and goes through the door, where he encounters Vampire. First introduced in Chapter 59, Vampire is threat level Demon and, as such, immensely strong. Also known to some as Pureblood, Vampire comes from the ancient race serving as his namesake. He's one of the strongest members of the Monster Association, possessing strength, speed and durability. The fight that ensues definitely doesn't go well for him, though.

Vampire quickly deals Zombieman a fatal blow, from which the S-Class hero regenerates. Vampire strikes over and over again, going on to deal approximately 200 such blows to Zombieman over the course of their 30-minute battle in hopes of finally overcoming the hero's durability. Zombieman doesn't go down. Instead, he ends up absolutely annihilating Vampire off-page.

Walking away from the dead Vampire, Zombieman remarks, "It's been a while since I fought such a tough monster... I'm tired." The remaining 30 monsters see an opportunity to defeat the S-Class hero, explaining he'll now have to fight them and can't leave just yet. However, Zombieman doesn't have any intention of fleeing. He seals the double door through which he entered and slays all the remaining monsters, proving Vampire didn't wear him down that much.

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Zombieman lights a cigarette and takes a moment to recover when Child Emperor comes over his communicator and reveals he's taking Waganma to the surface. As the chapter ends, Zombieman finishes healing up and remarks it's time "for more violence."

With Zombieman, Flashy Flash and Saitama all at the Monster Association HQ, it seems like the villainous organization might not be around much longer. Still, they'll soon have to contend with Orochi -- the immensely powerful Monster King -- which will likely end up being quite the fight -- for those who aren't the titular one-punch man, at least. Future chapters of the manga will definitely put Zombieman's endurance to the test, but he's already solidified himself as a hero the remaining monsters should definitely avoid messing with.

One-Punch Man Chapter 100 releases Aug 28 from Viz Media.

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