"One-Punch Man" to Make English-Language Debut on Adult Swim

As reported from this year's Anime Expo in Los Angeles, fans of the hit webcomic and manga, "One-Punch Man," will be treated to an English-dubbed version of the anime adaptation in just a few days on Adult Swim.

The series will be making its American TV debut during Adult Swim's Toonami programming block on July 16, although a specific time has yet to be announced. VIZ Media -- which also publishes "One-Punch Man" in print and digitally -- simulcast the English-subtitled anime last fall to enthusiastic response.

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According to the press release, "As the anime opens, Saitama has achieved his dream of becoming a hero after three years of 'special' training... But he's so devastatingly powerful that even his mightiest opponents are taken out with a single punch! With his passion for being a hero lost along with his hair, how much longer can he keep it going?!"

Since its debut in 2009 from the author known as One, "One-Punch Man" has become one of the most successful current manga titles. In 2012, Yusuke Manata re-illustrated the series for a digital run on Young Jump Web Comics. VIZ Media's anime adaptation, written by Tomohiro Suzuki, premiered in 2015. Set in the fictional metropolis of City Z, "One-Punch Man" focuses on Saitama, whose immense power -- hence the name -- results in a constant search for both worthy monstrous opponents and the respect of his jealous peers.

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The anime will include English-speaking voice actors Max Mittelman as Saitama, Zach Aguilar as Genos, Robbie Daymond as Mumen Rider, and Erik Kimerer as Speed-o'-Sound Sonic. You can watch the subtitled episodes here.

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