One-Punch Man: 10 Stunning Cosplays That Look Just Like the Characters

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By now, most of us know the fairy tale story of how One-Punch Man came about. What started as a free webcomic in 2009 ended up becoming one of the most popular modern anime series thanks to a widely successful manga adaptation. The original drawings by the author, ONE, were a bit underwhelming, but his story was solid enough to warrant an artwork face-lift courtesy of Yusuke Murata.

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One-Punch Man is centered on a perfectly average hero with a brutal fist, but there are plenty of other personalities worth our attention... and cosplay efforts. Here are 10 stunning One-Punch Man cosplays that look just like their corresponding characters.

10 Tatsumaki by Syd

Tatsumaki is an S-Class Rank 2 professional hero whose age is frequently questioned because of her youthful appearance. That's part of the reason why Syd (@byakushii) is such an ideal fit for this cosplay. Her soft features correlate perfectly with the character who is sometimes referred to as a "child" or a "little girl."

The hero's staple outfit is a form-fitting black dress with long sleeves and high-cut leg slits. However, the rest of the costume involves a whole lot of green, which is precisely what Syd provides in this photo taken by James (@fourphotocosplay).

9 Fubuki by Mangoe

Fubuki is a B-Class Rank 1 professional hero and younger sister of Tatsumaki. Mangoe (@mangoecos) is a Turkish-American cosplayer who really loves anime. It's a match made in One-Punch Man heaven — and one that translates so well into the world of cosplay.

Fubuki typically rocks a medium-length dark green bob, a long white fur coat, a dark green form-fitting dress, thigh-high boots, and jewelry. Like her fellow Psychic Sister, she also has striking green eyes. Mangoe captures that entire aesthetic flawlessly and brings the powerful hero to life with her accurate ensemble.

8 Genos by Fukari

Genos is a fan-favorite One-Punch Man hero with a mechanical body modeled after an attractive young man. Cosplayers love to replicate his appearance as it poses a challenge but bears noteworthy results when executed properly.

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Fukari (@fukari_stuff) describes just how difficult it was to portray Genos in the real world within a paragraph on his Instagram. He noted that it was his first time crafting armor and truly didn't know where to begin, but it's safe to say that he maneuvered that detour quite well. Fukari also requires assistance putting the costume on and taking it off, which means his bathroom breaks were probably a little frustrating. Nonetheless, he makes an impeccable Genos.

7 Garou by Vladislav

Similar to My Hero Academia's Stain, Garou is a villain who has a bone to pick with the Hero Association. He even refers to himself as a "Hero Hunter" (whereas his MHA counterpart prefers the more daunting "Hero Killer" title). Garou is an evil, confident antagonist, which means he's incredibly fun to cosplay.

Russian cosplayer Vladislav (@nonamecosplayer) exhibits that manic, vindictive energy with his stellar rendition of the evildoer. He has tackled several of Garou's looks, and the photos can be found on his Instagram feed, but there's something particularly thrilling about a bad guy in a turtleneck.

6 Boros by Brandon Gilbert

No, this isn't an elaborate Sonic the Hedgehog suit. Boros was the leader of the Dark Matter Thieves, a.k.a. the alien invaders that demolished A-City. Similar to the main protagonist, Saitama, Boros was so strong that confrontations didn't excite him anymore, and he traveled to Earth to seek a worthwhile opponent.

Toronto-based cosplayer Brandon (@brandonogilberto) donned this striking Lord Boros suit at New York Comic-Con, and we can't believe he didn't try to take over the city (or Javits Center at the very least). The colors are vibrant, and the material looks relatively comfortable, although the suit itself likely leaned toward the heavy side.

5 Tatsumaki by Faye

Faye (@faye_cos) is a Brazilian cosplayer who definitely doesn't mind getting her green on for some Tatsumaki cosplay. The wig, the colored contacts, and her eyebrows all flawlessly replicate the S-Class hero's character design. On top of that, her visage carries that same ambiguity that makes OPM's characters question Tatsumaki's age.

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Faye's dress is form-fitting and wields all the details necessary to portray the anime hero. It's a brilliant recreation that photographs beautifully and fits the cosplayer like a glove. She looks like she could confidently take down a monster or two if the situation arose.

4 Saitama by Roi

Saitama is One-Punch Man's main protagonist and the reason this story exists in the first place. He's an ordinary bald man with average stats who just so happens to pack a killer punch. Cosplayer Roi (@roilo_), who proudly claims the title of "Caped Baldy" in his bio, portrays the titular hero like a true professional.

Roi's Instagram is loaded with cheeky Saitama/OPM cosplay photos that display just how much fun he has with the character. His costume is accurate, and he owns it with style and personality. It also goes without saying that his head is as beautifully bald as it should be.

3 Genos by Sabre Grove

Not only is Sabre Grove (@sabre_grove) a great cosplayer, but he's also a skilled prop maker. As a matter of fact, his Instagram page features a story titled "Genos Progress" where he demonstrates the hard work that goes into crafting such an intricate costume.

The individual parts of this armor are admirable, especially since they're all homemade, but it becomes an utterly spectacular cosplay once the puzzle pieces are put together. Sure, Sabre has the hair and the contact lenses down pat, but those arms are no joke. He even maintains the serious persona that Genos exudes in the series because we all know cosplay is about more than just the outfit.

2 Speed-o'-Sound Sonic by Quuebd

Speed-o'-Sound Sonic is an interesting villain and Saitama rival with a cool outfit and a weird fascination with strong opponents. He's relentless, even when outclassed, and tends to be a bit of a troublemaker.

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Cosplayer Que (@quuebd) originally cosplayed Sonic as a "joke" but ended up looking far better than expected. The armor is exact, and the wig looks great, but he completes the ensemble with the antagonist's token purple scarf and purple marks under his eyes. Sonic is a ninja, so it's only fitting to carry around a suitable weapon when cosplaying the character.

1 Saitama by Elffi

Not only is Elffi (@elfficosplay) an awesome cosplayer, but he's also into fitness, so he probably packs a punch as impressive as Saitama's. His cosplay is all attitude a no-nonsense, which means he's just about ready to hop into the One-Punch Man anime and/or manga to search for a worthy opponent.

The photo featured above is made even more dramatic by the splash of water, which only heightens the shiny bald head to more majestic levels. As one follower mentioned in a comment, Elffi is very much "the real One-Punch Man."

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