One-Punch Man: Who Is Hunting Saitama in Season 2?

WARNING: The following contains spoilers for the Season 2 premiere of One-Punch Man, available on Hulu now.

The long-awaited Season 2 premiere of the popular anime series One-Punch Man didn't waste any time introducing new threats for Saitama and the Hero Association. In addition to new monsters attacking the city, episode ends with two factions taking a keen interest in Saitama. Each vows to hunt him down as they carry over grudges from the first season.

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The first is Speed-o-Sound Sonic, a ninja who appeared initially as a ruthless bodyguard in the first season. Witnessing Saitama's immense power as he dispatched such monsters as the Deep Sea King, Sonic immediately views the unassuming superhero as his new archrival. Unable to fathom a fighter with such seemingly endless power, Sonic vows to confront and destroy Saitama to prove his ultimate superiority. The ninja was revealed in the first season to be a quick fighter and unflinchingly brutal in his methods, killing the Hammerhead gang and unleashing collateral damage in order to attract Saitama's attention.

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Sonic is among the villains in the Season 2 premiere gathered by the Hero Association to warn them of the Earthdoom Prophecy, which foretells the eradication of humanity by a new wave of monsters within six months. Dismissing the Hero Association's offer of amnesty in exchange for joining in the battle against the apocalyptic threat, Sonic storms out, still obsessed with destroying Saitama following the humiliating defeat at the hero's hands in Season 1, while discovering the source of his power.

The other figure hunting Saitama is Fubuki. Also known as Hellish Blizzard, the powerful psychic heads an ensemble known as the Blizzard Group, or Team Fubuki, and invites other B-Class Heroes to join her in her own sub-organization within the Hero Association. Fubuki's incredible array of abilities allows her to fly, move objects through telekinesis and project psychic attacks.

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Fubuki appeared briefly in Season 1, where she similarly witnessed Saitama's strength and vowed to enlist him in the Blizzard Group -- and destroy him if he refused. She's reintroduced alongside two burly associates as she retraces Saitama's steps from earlier in the episode. As Fubuki picks up the trail of her target, she iterates her interest in Saitama, similarly curious about discovering how exactly the yellow-clad hero is capable of possessing such unstoppable power.

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Season 2 of One-Punch Man certainly hits the ground running, with its main characters encountering new threats And while most of the first season had kept Saitama's true potential largely unnoticed by the general public, two formidable individuals know the under-appreciated fighter's role behind saving the day multiple times in Season 1. Whether to prove themselves superior or recruit him towards their cause, both characters have resumed their hunt for the protagonist in earnest, desperate to learn how such a mundane looking fighter is capable of such incredible feats of power and strength. But they may soon be reminded to be careful what they wish for.

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