One-Punch Man Gets Ready to Fight in New Season 2 Trailer

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Warning: The video embedded in this article contains several seconds of bright flashing images. Viewer discretion is advised.

Four years after the conclusion of its first season, the acclaimed anime One Punch Man has released the first full trailer for its upcoming second season.

The popular anime and manga series follows Saitama, a self-trained superhero capable of defeating hulking monsters and invading aliens with a single punch. Underestimated by the majority of his peers, the hero searches for a worthy opponent after easily dispatching every threat he has faced so far.

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The new trailer introduces the season's central antagonist, Garou, a powerfully trained martial artist who cuts a destructive path across the city, defeating any hero that crosses his path. And, judging by the trailer, Garou will not be only new villain to face Saitama and the Hero Association this season.

While the trailer doesn't show Saitama facing Garou, the deadly foe battles One Punch Man's cybernetic protege Genos, with an epic city-spanning brawl serving as the centerpiece of the promo as the heroes theorize that monsters may be drawn to the city by Saitama's unlikely strength.

One Punch Man is produced by J.C. Staff. The subtitled version of Season 2 is set to premiere in the United States on Hulu on April 9.

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