One-Punch Man: Saitama Receives an Offer He Can't Refuse (and Refuses It)

WARNING: The following contains spoilers for "The Human Monster," the second episode of Season 2 of One-Punch Man, available now on Hulu.

One of the major plot points introduced in the Season 2 premiere of One-Punch Man is that series protagonist Saitama was secretly being pursued by two different factions for very different reasons. The anime wastes no time by having both of Saitama's hunters come face-to-face with the absurdly powerful superhero in the second episode of the season, and, predictably, things do not unfold as they had hoped.

The magical superhero Hellish Blizzard confronts Saitama with her two henchmen. A B-class hero, Blizzard has lower ranked B-class heroes swear allegiance to her as a sort of sub-organization within the Hero Association, running the group like a crime boss and brutally beating any who oppose her demand for fealty. Completely unintimidated when faced with Hellish Blizzard's irrefutable offer, Saitama lays out both of Blizzard's goons out with a single blow before facing the B-class hero herself.

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Meanwhile, the sadistic ninja Speed-o-Sound Sonic has tracked down Saitama to his apartment, obsessed with defeating the superhero and prove himself superior after being handed an embarrassing defeat by Saitama in the first season. Before he can strike, however, he is intercepted by Saitama's protege, the cybernetic hero Genos. The cyborg was upgraded at the end of the Season 2 premiere with salvaged parts from the formidable killer robot G4, augmenting his already impressive power and abilities.

As an infuriated Hellish Blizzard attempts to defeat a nonplussed Saitama with her telekinetic abilities, Genos and Sonic fight to a standstill; the ninja's uncanny speed matching Genos' upgrades. His lecture to a defeated Blizzard interrupted by Genos and Sonic's fight, an annoyed Saitama agrees to take Sonic seriously for a rematch between the two rather than run the risk of further collateral damage to his neighborhood.

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As Genos and Hellish Blizzard both stand aside, Saitama quickly begins moving in circles around Sonic at such a speed that Blizzard cannot track his movements. After being caught in a shockwave caused by Saitama jumping from side-to-side, Sonic is completely incapacitated with Genos observing that his mentor may have inadvertently killed his opponent. Completely in awe of Saitama's incredible strength and speed, Hellish Blizzard realizes how foolish it was to make demands of the superhero and attempt to beat him in open combat, heeding his words of wisdom on the nature of being a hero rather than amassing power from those weaker than her.

Two episodes into its second season, and One-Punch Man is moving at a breakneck pace, introducing a doomsday prophecy, a seemingly unstoppable new central antagonist, and people with ulterior motives hunting Saitama. The sophomore episode has immediately eliminated the threat of those hunting its protagonist while continuing to hint at the hero's true potential in the face of escalating opponents.

Even after Genos' impressive upgrades, the episode also establishes Saitama as still leagues above his student, given the unintended ease in which he defeats Sonic. Whether the ninja is actually dead has yet to be seen, but having witnessed Saitama's power firsthand, it can be assumed that Hellish Blizzard will not only cease her attempts to coerce Saitama into joining her but may join Genos as another hero looking to Saitama for guidance; her flawed sense of pride thoroughly humbled.

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One Punch Man is produced by J.C. Staff. The subtitled version of Season 2 is set to premiere in the United States on Hulu on April 9 with new episodes debuting every Tuesday.

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