One-Punch Man: Saitama Joins the Monster HQ Battle with a Thunderous Punch

WARNING: The following article contains spoilers for One-Punch Man Chapter 104 by ONE and Yusuke Murata, available now in English from Viz Media.

Saitama arrived for the battle at the Monster Association headquarters quite a few chapters back in the One-Punch Man manga. However, he's mostly just been wandering since then, with the action focusing primarily on such heroes as Child Emperor and Zombieman as they take on and defeat various notable monsters. The latest chapter of One-Punch Man finally sees its main hero stepping in to deliver one of his trademark blows, and it's so powerful that monsters and heroes alike are awestruck.

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Chapter 104 picks up with Puri-Puri Prisoner giving up persuing Nyaan after blasting through a wall -- thanks to the power of body hair. The action then turns to Superalloy Blackluster, who is taking on Insect God, with the latter dealing massive blows to the former. However, Superalloy Blackluster remains one of the most powerful heroes in all of One-Punch Man, and he proves this when he destroys Insect God with a single blow. After that, he feels a mysterious shaking.

The next page reveals the origin of the shaking: Saitama is taking on Pochi, the massive guard-dog monster. As Pochi tries to attack the hero, Saitama remarks that the monster needs "better training." He then sends Pochi flying with a single thunderous blow that echoes throughout the Monster Association Headquarters. The book then flashes to the reactions of various heroes and monsters, whose emotions range from intrigued to stunned. Pochi's status is left unclear, as he doesn't seem to have been blasted into bits like most victims of Saitama's punch.

As the hero looks on at his work, Nyaan attempts to sneak attack Saitama, but he's unable to take the hero down. Realizing he's outmatched, Nyaan retreats, deciding to forsake the Monster Association. Gyoro-Gyoro, one of the leaders of the monsters, wonders what could have made such a noise, though he suspects Pochi has fallen.

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Just as he's contemplating Pochi and the noise, Tornado appears in front of him. Gyoro-Gyoro plunks himself down in front of her, and the two prepare to fight. Once Tornado identifies him as the "head honcho" of the Monster Association, Gyoro-Gyoro starts bringing the roof down upon her, which is where this chapter ends.

A lot of One-Punch Man's current arc has focused on showing off the various heroes and villains important to the manga, with the latter tending to die off at the hands of the former. Chapter 104 finally sees the action heating up as the arc heads into the homestretch. With Saitama finally unleashing his powers, there are sure to be a lot more dead monsters soon.

However, one of the joys of One-Punch Man lies in watching heroes who aren't unbeatably strong tangling with formidable monsters. The current match-up of Gyoro-Gyoro vs. Tornado will certainly be one for the ages, as they're two of the strongest members of their respective groups.

One-Punch Man's next installment arrives in English on October 30 from Viz Media.

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