One-Punch Man: Saitama & Genos Get Official Superhero Names


WARNING: The following contains spoilers for "The Human Monster," the second episode of Season 2 of One-Punch Man, available now on Hulu.

The popular anime/manga series One-Punch Man takes place in a world where heroes and monsters are relatively commonplace, constantly battling for supremacy with the requisite epic superhero action and copious amounts of collateral damage. In order to register and keep track of the growing number of superheroes, an organization named the Hero Association is formed.

Created by the wealthy benefactor Agoni after his grandson was saved from a crab monster by a then-unpowered Saitama (really!), the Hero Association registers and organizes the country's superheroes through a comprehensive system, with registered heroes receiving their assignments based on their rank. There are four rankings, from the lowest C-class to the top S-class echelon, with heroes ascending based on a combination of the level of threats they have defeated and feedback from the general public.

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After registering with the Association in the first season, Saitama and his cybernetic protege Genos have fought monsters and invading extraterrestrials to keep their city safe. However, much of Saitama's victories go uncredited; he's so powerful, his foes are usually dispatched so quickly and effortlessly that no one can notice, and higher ranked heroes take credit instead. And the lack of respect virtually everyone in the series shows toward Saitama is reflected early in Season 2 when he and Genos are finally given their official superhero designations by the council overseeing the Hero Association.

In a post-credits scene, the council finally assigns Genos, an S-class hero based on his perfect entrance exam, with the superhero name Demon Cyborg, referencing his impressive abilities granted by his cybernetic enhancements. As for Saitama, who entered the Hero Association as a C-class hero due to his abysmal written exam scores despite his record-breaking physical performance, well, the council officially dubs the unassuming hero Caped Baldy.

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Still, despite the dubious (though technically accurate) superhero name, things are looking up for Saitama. While many of his accomplishments still get credited to other heroes, including the top-ranked hero in the world, King, the general public is starting to take increasing notice of Saitama's efforts, with the hero ascending to the B-class rank by the start of Season 2. While he still has a ways to go before he can join his student in the highest rank, the altruistic Saitama is not visibly concerned that he is still not recognized for his incredible power levels.

As for Genos, the cyborg recently grew even more powerful after having himself upgraded with parts he recovered from the killer robot G4 in the season premiere. Stronger, faster, and with a whole array of new techniques, the Demon Cyborg moniker is absolutely a fitting one, as Genos continues to prove himself to be one of the greatest heroes in the world.

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However, with mysterious new villain Garou the Monster systematically hunting down heroes and mercilessly defeating them to ensure a prophesied monster apocalypse comes to pass, it's all but guaranteed there will soon be openings in the Hero Association's upper rankings. Saitama's Caped Baldy may be under Garou's radar for now, thanks to his perceived low ranking, but the lauded and considerably more visible Demon Cyborg will inevitably find himself in the fearsome antagonist's crosshairs as Garou continues his bloody vendetta. Hopefully, Genos' new upgrades will be enough to save the cybernetic hero's life.

One Punch Man is produced by J.C. Staff in association with Viz Media. The subtitled version of Season 2 has new episodes premiere every Tuesday on Hulu.

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