One-Punch Man Reveals the Monster Apocalypse's Mastermind

WARNING: The following contains spoilers for "The Uprising of the Monsters," the sixth episode of One-Punch Man Season 2, available now on Hulu.

The entire second season of One-Punch Man has revolved around a prophecy that foretells of a mass uprising of monsters overwhelming the world's superhero defenders, eradicating mankind within six months. The monster-fueled apocalypse appeared to begin ahead of schedule in the season's fifth episode, when the Hero Association faced a seemingly insurmountable tide of monster attacks around the world. The latest episode continues the assault while revealing that the onslaught is more coordinated than it initially appeared. What's more, we now know the identity of the individual masterminding the extinction-level event.

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As the assault continues, several monsters withdraw with Waganma, the son of a sponsor who provides 7% of the entire Hero Association. As the organization of worldwide superheroes attempts to recover him, it becomes evident the strongest heroes are being targeted by the monsters. The level of coordination puts the heroes on the defensive, as the heaviest hitters are distracted by threats specifically tailored to confront each of them.

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Picking up from the last episode, Fubuki faces the villain Do-S who uses her psychic abilities to possess all of Fubuki's underlings and turn them against her. While Fubuki holds her own against the fellow telepath, Do-S reveals that their entire fight was just a ploy to draw out Fubuki's more powerful sister, Tatsumaki. The monsters' plan proves successful in distracting Tatsumaki if only for a moment with the S-Class hero dispatching all of Fubuki's brainwashed henchmen with the sisters teaming up against Do-S.

A new addition to the citywide fray is Genos, who departs from observing Saitama at the martial arts tournament after learning of the mass attack. After using his cybernetic enhancements to obliterate several monsters, Genos plans to return to the tournament, only to be taken down by an unseen monster. With the all-out assault continuing to escalate, other coordinated attacks are carried out on a prison holding the hero Puri-Puri Prisoner, a concert by Amai Mask, and the hospital where Tank-Top Master and Mumen Rider are recovering from their fight with Garou.

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However, while the fighting intensifies throughout the episode, it's during the post-credit scene when the real threat is finally revealed. Deep below the Earth, in the monster's lair, a creature named Gyoro Gyoro approaches his master, updating him on progress in the attacks. He reveals Genos was successfully taken down by a monster named Gokuetsu, and that their master plans are moving forward relatively unimpeded. Pleased, a monstrous red behemoth named Demon King Orochi emerges, reveling in his plans coming to destructive fruition.

Ever since the kidnapping of Waganma, it was apparent that the monster attacks facing the Hero Association weren't as random as they initially appeared. The fifth episode revealed that the monsters have banded together in their own organization known as the Monster Association, and its demonic overseer has now unveiled himself as the monster-fueled apocalypse continues to threaten all of humanity. With the Hero Association's mightiest heroes targeted by powerful monsters and Garou, the hero-hunting Human Monster, and Saitama distracted by his own newfound love of martial arts, the apocalypse is in full swing throughout Season 2 of One-Punch Man as it hits its halfway point.

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