One-Punch Man: Genos Gets an Upgrade ... and a New Mission


WARNING: The following contains spoilers for the Season 2 premiere of One-Punch Man, available on Hulu now.

With its Season 2 premiere, One-Punch Man wastes no time in showcasing its signature monster-fighting action. Interestingly, it's the cybernetic hero Genos who receives the spotlight instead of his mentor Saitama and, by episode's end, the aspiring superhero receives a power boost, and a new, revenge-fueled mission.

The arrival of the towering killer robot G4 serves as the centerpiece action sequence, with the new enemy hunting King, the world's top-ranked superhero. Stumbling across the confrontation with Saitama, Genos opts to face G4 single-handedly while Saitama follows after King, who feigned the need for a bathroom break. Even after G4 reveals its true form as a more compact, powerful robot, Genos is victorious, although he sustains minor damage.

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As the episode ends, Genos approaches Doctor Kuseno, the elderly scientist responsible for his transformation into a cyborg. Carrying a powerful component from the destroyed G4, Genos asks his creator whether an upgrade is possible using the salvaged parts. Upon closer inspection, Kuseno agrees, and reminds Genos he is not alone in his fight.

It's then revealed that Genos has been tasked with hunting down a rogue cyborg responsible for the deaths of hundreds. Kuseno warns Genos of the danger associated with this new, unseen target, and reminds the cyborg not to be reckless with his mission. However, it's clear Genos is prepared to find his killer counterpart and complete his mission, by any means necessary. It's an unexpectedly dark turn for Saitama's protege, although it appears Saitama isn't aware of Genos' quest for vengeance.

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It's clear Genos shares a history with the rogue cyborg, although what that involves is not yet known. It's also teased that Kuseno knows what Genos is up against. Whether Kuseno also constructed the killer cyborg is unknown, but this new mission will certainly inform both characters as Season 2 progresses.

As Saitama's protege and one of the few characters who knows his mentor's true potential as the savior of humanity, Genos has tried to live up to his friend's example, despite overwhelming odds. The Season 2 premiere shows a hero who no longer has rely on Saitama to save him, as his competence and progress as a member of the Hero Association is on display in his fight with G4. Now presumably stronger than ever after assimilating G4's spare parts, Genos appears ready to further move out of Saitama's shadow with a mission that will potentially reveal more about the cybernetic hero's past. But given the threat level hinted at by his creator, this challenge will not only be Genos' most personal mission but also his most dangerous.

One Punch Man is produced by J.C. Staff. The subtitled version of Season 2 is set to premiere in the United States on Hulu on April 9 with new episodes debuting every Tuesday.

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