One-Punch Man: Garou Unleashes His True Power

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WARNING: The following contains spoilers for "The Hunt Begins," the third episode of Season 2 of One-Punch Man, available now on Hulu.

The latest episode of One-Punch Man continues to add to the anime series' impressive body count. In the previous episode, Garou proclaimed himself a human monster while hunting down Z-City's various superheroes to ensure a prophesied monster apocalypse comes to pass within six months time. Now, the villain is forced to unleash his full power as he becomes the target of a similar hunt himself.

After Garoubeat Tank-Top Vegetarian within an inch of his life, the injured member of the Hero Association and his crew, including mentor Tank-Top Master, track down Garou just as the villain is about ambush fan-favorite character Mumen Rider. While Tank-Top Vegetarian is effortlessly toppled with one punch, his S-class mentor proves to be the biggest challenge Garou has faced yet.

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As the highest ranked hero Garou has fought to date, Tank-Top Master strikes the villain repeatedly with blindingly fast punches, bringing the bleeding Garou to knees as his followers cheer on their mentor. As Tank-Top Master prepares to finish off his downed opponent, Mumen Rider injects and reminds him that true heroes don't kill other humans, especially ones that already appear overpowered and defeated. As Tank-Top Master concedes to Mumen Rider's wisdom, Garou takes the opportunity to catch his second wind and retaliate decisively, unleashing his true power on the assembled heroes.

Catching Tank-Top Master's next blow, Garou mercilessly beats the S-class hero senseless as the rest of the tank-top wearing crew watch horrified. The remaining heroes attempt to use their superior numbers to overwhelm Garou but, with virtually untraceable speed, the self-proclaimed Human Monster weaves his way through the entire crowd and picks them and Mumen Rider apart with little effort; reestablished as the greatest threat facing the Hero Association in Z-City.

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The next day, Saitama visits Mumen Rider and Tank-Top Master in the hospital, both heroes bedridden because of their extensive injuries from Garou's attack. Gifting his two comrades one banana apiece as they recuperate, Saitama asks what makes Garou such a formidable hunter of heroes in comparison to the monsters they usually fight, particularly the hulking Deep Sea King that nearly killed Mumen Rider during Season 1.

After some consideration, Mumen Rider observes that Garou doesn't possess the same amount of brute strength as Deep Sea King or the usual threats that the Hero Association confronts on a regular basis. Tank-Top Master elaborates on this explanation, revealing that Garou moves with blinding fast speed and specifically targets his opponents' pressure points and joints to disable them quickly before beating them to a bloody pulp. Tank-Top Master notes that Garou's emphasis on precision striking over overwhelming force is what makes him the perfect hero hunter.

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Saitama is immediately intrigued by the notion of facing an enemy who does not seek to overpower his opponents, his curiosity further fueled by the revelation that Garou is a gifted martial artist. With that in mind, Saitama sets out to learn as much as he can about martial arts mastery in Z-City, prioritizing his entry into a martial arts tournament over tracking down Garou in his never-ending quest to find a worthy opponent.

The latest episode of One-Punch Man presented the greatest difficulty for Garou the Monster the anime has revealed to date. Ultimately, however, the villain's martial arts prowess was on full display against physically superior opponents as Garou revealed his true power and remained undefeated by the end of each fight. And with the villain vowing to grow even stronger, there may be no limits to Garou's potential in the future.

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