One-Punch Man: 10 Things Fans Should Know About Boros

One-Punch Man has been an interesting and, at times, hilarious series for fans to follow. It also made some surprising points about heroes, while also entertaining fans with Saitama's...unique take on being a hero.

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One of Saitama's best villains to date was Boros. He wasn't exactly a challenge for the One-Punch hero, but he's come closer than any other antagonist has. It may be a sad fact for Saitama, but it makes Boros unique among all of the other characters shown (so far).

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10 Also Known As

Boros is also known as Lord Boros, it's easy to forget that he's a leader in his own right...but he was. He leads the Dark Matter Thieves. Though he wasn't shown like he was a leader half the time; not with the way he acted. But that's hardly the point here, is it?

Another name he carries is Dominator of the Universe. Because of course, he was. All good villains need a dramatic name, right?

9 His Quest

Before coming to Earth, Boros quest had been to find a fight that was an actual challenge. Like Saitama, he was bored with what he had been facing on a day to day basis. He might have been a villain before this point, but being unable to be challenged was certainly not good for his mental health.

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He took to challenging and destroying other worlds in his desperate quest. That is until he found the One-Punch hero who ended that quest for good.

8 Appearance

Boros has a rather memorable look about him, even by the standards set in this dramatic series. He's a cyclops with blue eyes and lighter blue skin. His hair is a light pink, and of course, it's spiked up in true anime-fashion. He's also extremely tall, tallying in at over seven feet in total. Not that his height ended up helping him any, when it mattered the most.

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The most notable thing about his appearance are these dark blue cracks all over his skin. They're quite striking and memorable, making him easy for fans to remember (even though he only lasted a few episodes in the series).

7 Armor

Along with everything described above, Boros wears bright gold armor. The purpose of this armor is not to help protect him, which sounds a bit counter-intuitive, we know. Instead, the armor is designed to suppress his power.

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Yes, you read that right. It makes sense, in a way. Boros was seeking a challenge, and since he wasn't finding that challenge, he had to 'bring himself down' to a different standard. At least, if he was ever going to stand a chance at finding a good fight. Little did he know what awaited him on Earth.

6 A Change In Appearance

As mentioned above, the armor Boros wears is actually suppressing his powers. So when the armor is broken (thanks Saitama), the was Boros looks changes pretty dramatically. If you didn't know better, you might even think he's a totally different character.

Boros gains even more muscle mass, and he grew more spiky plates, as well as having his spine and the surrounding tissue exposed in a way that only makes sense in manga and anime. His skin also takes on a darker shade of blue, with the cracks becoming even more vibrant than before.

5 Form Change

Believe it or not, Boros has one more form he can transform into. Though this one isn't seen until Saitama really forces him to be pushed to the full limits. This form even has a name, Meteoric Burst. Here his hair grows even longer, and his eye goes all white. Matching the white eyes is the white energy that engulfs his entire body. And surprisingly, the cracks mentioned above go back to their original colors.

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The fact that he had this form named implies that it is special, which makes us wonder just how often he had to resort to it. The general impression he that he rarely, if ever, really got to let loose in this manner.

4 A Prophecy

As mentioned above, Boros had been traveling the universe on a quest to find his equal in battle. And you might be wondering why he thought he'd find that on Earth (though he certainly found more than that). He was told of a prophecy, in which he'd find his match in A-City of Earth. This prophecy might have misled him a bit because Saiaima is more than an equal to Boros. But if that's the closest he was to come, it makes sense that the prophecy would lead him this way.

3 Collapsing Star Roaring Cannon

While Meteoric Burst was one of Boros' final cards to play, he had just one more up his sleeve. Though we do wonder how and why he had the time to perfect these abilities. Or why he felt the need to keep coming up with these tactics when he had never met an equal.

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Moving on, this ability is one that is designed to destroy the planet. Yes, you read that right. He was going to use it to destroy Earth but was countered with an ability of Saitama's, thus protecting the earth from the destruction.

2 Abilities

Boros had a lot of abilities that were obvious, like the super strength and speed. But he also had high regenerative abilities – impressively so, when you stop and think about it. He can also produce and use energy, and even turn said energy into large and destructive blasts. That combined with those other abilities already mentioned, makes Boros a very intimidating opponent. Earth is lucky that the battle occurred on the spaceship, and that Saitama was able to counter the biggest hit that came from Boros. Otherwise, things would have gotten even worse – which is saying something.

1 A Mirror

Boros was an interesting opponent for Saitama, but his purpose was revealed upon his death; he stated that Saitama gave him a good fight, to which Saitama replied in turn. Only that wasn't the truth, and Boros knew it.

You see, Boros was the most exciting fight we'd seen Saitama in (to date), but it wasn't even remotely a challenge for Saitama. It raised questions about Saitama's long-term sanity and path in life. So now we have a mirror to compare Saitama against. But only time will tell how accurate the comparison becomes.

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