One-Punch Man: Atomic Samurai Slashes His Way To a Truly Gross Monster

WARNING: The following contains spoilers for One-Punch Man Chapter 108 by ONE and Yusuke Murata, available now in English from Viz Media.

The biggest names in the Monster Association have been defeated by Tatsumaki/Terrible Tornado and Saitama, leaving the Hero Association to clean up all of the villains that remain in the organization's headquarters. One-Punch Man Chapter 108 opens with sword-wielding heroes Iaian, Bushidrill and Okamaitachi defeating Malong Hair before switching focus to their master: Atomic Samurai, who proves just why he's one of the deadliest heroes to wield a blade.

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As the action cuts to Atomic Samurai, he easily dispatches a group of monsters before facing off against -- and easily taking down -- The Chopper-Upper. The swordmaster is then confronted by G5, who reveals that he's amassed a ton of data on Atomic Samurai and is able to copy his moves. The two battle, their swords smashing off of each other at lightning fast speeds. However, Atomic Samurai isn't one to go down easily, and he eventually finds his opening and slashes G5 to pieces.

Chapter 108 then looks at Child Emperor and Waganma, the child whose kidnapping kicked off the current confrontation between the Monster Association and Hero Association. The two approach the exit to the Monster Association headquarters as the action parallels Waganma's escape with Tareo -- who was also captured by the monsters, though the Hero Association doesn't know that, as Waganma didn't acknowledge the other boy's existence -- fleeing from Black Spermatozoon, whose name aptly describes his look.

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Black Spermatozoon, a Dragon-level monster, made his debut in Chapter 77 of Viz Media's version of the manga, explaining that he would only be working with the Monster Association long enough to fight the Hero Association. After a brutal display of power by Lord Orochi, Gyoro-Gyoro adds that anyone who wants to become the Monster Associations next leader can challenge the powerful monster after the Hero Association is dealt with. Black Spermatozoon acquiesces.

In Chapter 108, Black Spermatozoon's chase is interrupted when he's forced to deftly dodge a sneak attack from Atomic Samurai, who acknowledges the monster's ability. With Tareo now safe, Atomic Samurai and Black Spermatozoon prepare to face off.

At this point in the manga, it's not really a question of if any given match-up will result in a monster winning. The heroes have time and time again defeated their opponents, proving just how powerful they really are.

One-Punch Man's next installment arrives in English on Dec. 4 from Viz Media.

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