One-Punch Man: 15 Things To Expect in Season 2


Who doesn't love a good superhero story? But what if there was a character who became so powerful that he defeated all of his opponents with a single punch? Sure he would be a great hero, but where's the challenge? That is the basic premise of “One-Punch Man,” which follows a character named Saitama, whose unbeatable power has drained him of the thrill of combat, simply because no one can stand against him.

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Based on the web-comic drawn by the manga artist known as ONE and the redrawn by Yusuke Murata, the series was given an anime adaptation by Madhouse Studios last year, which made "One-Punch Man" a mainstream success. A second season of the anime was recently announced, and fans are excited to reunite with Saitama, Genos and the rest of the Hero Association as they take on various threats to keep their world safe. Because of a delay in production, it is uncertain when the second season will make its long-anticipated arrival. Still, with the promise of new “One-Punch Man” content on the way, CBR has decided to take a look at what fans could potentially expect from season two.

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15 More S-Class Heroes



The finale of "One-Punch Man" saw the S-Class heroes fighting against the alien invasion spearheaded by Lord Boros and his forces in A-City. We got to see a taste of what makes these heroes worthy of getting the "S" rank -- basically the top brass of superheroing in this world -- and they certainly did not disappoint. Whether it was Atomic Samurai’s flashy sword skills or Bang’s mastery of the fabled (and amazingly-named) Water Stream Rock Smashing Fist, there was absolutely no doubt that this group was the best the Hero Association had to offer.

Heading into season two, it would be nice to see more threats catastrophic enough to draw this group of powerful yet often arrogant and quirky heroes into the fray. Seeing more from heroes like the esper Tatsumaki or even lower-ranked S-Class heroes like Metal Bat would be a treat, especially if another alien-invasion brings a Dragon-level threat. Not only that, but it would be great to see "One-Punch Man's" titular character when juxtaposed against this cast, be it through his power or his personality. Whether they're battling blowhards or just butting heads, more of these guys and gals is a good thing!

14 The Hero Association


Speaking of the Hero Association, the institution should expect to take on a larger presence in the series come season two. With Saitama and Genos having joined roughly midway through the first season, there was not as much time to delve into the activities within the organization. So far, fans only know that Genos got into S-Class immediately, while Saitama started near the bottom of the barrel as a C-class hero. But that's all set to change.

With a bevy of heroes at its disposal, the Hero Association stands to have an increased presence in the series as Saitama and Genos become further entrenched in their affairs and are called upon more often to combat various threats. They also stand to come across their fair share of quirky heroes looking to make it big and prove their strength to everyone they come across. That wealth of characterization and the action that having so many super-powered personalities would create would be a fantastic addition to a show already dripping with great character interplay and fantastic action scenes.

13 Genos’ Quest


As the self-proclaimed student of Saitama, Genos -- otherwise known as the Demon Cyborg, as dubbed by the Hero Association -- is on a constant quest for power to avenge his family after their murder at the metal hands of the unnamed cyborg who also destroyed his hometown. To that end, he constantly outfits himself with cybernetic upgrades, with each addition making him stronger and faster (in some cases, however, this hasn’t always translated to victory on the battlefield). Come season two, we might see more progress from Genos in his quest for power and vengeance.

Up to this point, the young cyborg has made a name for himself quite easily, becoming the 17th-ranked S-Class hero upon passing the exam for the Hero Association. So he's no slouch in combat, but he is still far from a polished warrior and is still coming into his own as a hero. Giving him a solid fight would do him a lot of good as a character, as would progress in pursuing the cyborg who ruined his life. Genos has already gone down many interesting paths for his character, making him one of the show's easy fan favorites, but seeing both his story and him as a hero more fleshed out would be all the more intriguing.

12 New Allies


As the series progressed, “One-Punch Man” began expanding its cast of characters, some of whom became more prominent as allies alongside Saitama and Genos. One of those allies was Bang, who was one of the few to recognize and acknowledge Saitama’s true strength. Season two could find a few more allies to hop on board as the two continue their heroic careers, be they skeptics to the titular character's powers or admirers of same.

In the superhero genre and other related shows, the main characters often surround themselves with reliable allies they can count on, and some that are simply there to add friction. The same could be said for this duo, who could no doubt use some more allies, prickly, personable or otherwise. While it will be good to see more of Bang, who remains one of the more grounded S-Class heroes, as well as the top-ranked C-Class hero known as Mumen Rider, having some additional characters in the fold for Saitama and Genos to play off of could add further development to the story, and add for many more unforgettable moments.

11 More Heroes


“One-Punch Man” is famed as being a parody of many aspects of the superhero genre. Given its large class-system society of super-powered individuals, the series will be served well by bringing more heroes into the fray, either to add to the show's lineage of heroism or just to steal yet more spotlight from the guy who’s simply a hero for fun. After all, the more personalities Saitama can rub against, the better!

Viewers got a glimpse of elite S-Class heroes like Puri Puri Prisoner and Drive Knight, as well as lower level heroes like the aforementioned Mumen Rider, who possesses the will of a hero but none of the strength or power needed to match it. With much of the B-Class or A-Class heroes yet to be explored, there is no doubt that more are bound to show up. Others, like top-ranked A-Class hero Amai Mask, are surrounded with more mystery, while others still are due for more screen time, especially given the fact that these heroes are comparable to their S-Class counterparts. Plus, more heroes means more action!

10 More Monsters


If there was an aspect of One Punch Man that kept things entertaining, it was an unending supply of monsters constantly popping up on a near-regular basis. Be they imaginatively rendered or just crazy looking, one of the best things about this already classic show is the design and use of weird, wild monsters. Sure, they might just mostly act as fodder for One-Punch Man's cavalcade of one-punch victories, but it sure is fun to watch them step up (and subsequently go down). This relentless stream of baddies should continue in the show’s second season.

The first season brought us a host of gruesome monsters, such as talking, genetic mutations like Mosquito Girl (created by the nefarious House of Evolution), the Deep Sea King, Vaccine Man and Beefcake, all of whom suffered rather expedited defeats at the hands of Saitama. Of course, who can forget the massive alien invasion that culminated in the series’ season finale. Given the unique nature of the monsters in season one, fans can expect to see the inclusion of unique, wacky monsters continue. After all, the Hero Association needs to have plenty to do, and Saitama needs more toothy, sneering faces to rock with solid punches.

9 More Than Monsters


The focus of the first season of "One-Punch Man" appeared more on setting the kind of world Saitama lives in; one that just so happens to be under constant threat of monsters and vigilantes; so much so in fact, that an entire government program was funded to hire and contract people as superheroes and pay them to combat these threats. And look, that is always a fun premise. It's worked for many other genres of storytelling -- from the Power Rangers to Buffy -- and it continues to do so here. But that's not to say the show can't mix it up a bit!

The serious combat moments of the series most often involve monsters; that's a given. In fact, outside of a practice sparring session between Saitama and Genos, the majority of combat was heroes vs. monsters. Come season two, fans should expect more combat between heroes and actual villains that aren’t grotesque monsters with sharp claws and unruly forms (as much as we do love them). To keep the combat fresh, good hero-on-hero fights and hero-on-villain fights are necessary, especially in a world of contracted superheroes, most of whom are often eager and quick to get into a fight.

8 Bigger and Badder Action Scenes


One-Punch Man” didn’t simply reach popular heights simply because of its premise, quirky characters, or even its great art style. It gained a massive following for one major reason: its unrelenting combat sequences, which are some of the best in any action-oriented anime series, or arguably comic book-related TV shows and movies.

Despite having a character with the ability to literally one-shot every opponent he comes across, “One-Punch Man” makes room for some of the best action sequences, which rival the likes of “Dragon Ball Z.” Whether it’s the sparring session between Saitama and Genos or the season-ending brawl between Saitama and Boros, which forced the caped hero to use more (but not all) of his strength than he’s ever had to use before, there is no doubting the action that’s left to be had in the series. Come season two, fans should expect that action to pick up where it left off, particularly as more members of the Hero Association make their presences known.

7 Parody, Comedy and Superhero Tropes


Coupled with its intense fight sequences, one of the more underrated aspects of “One-Punch Man” was its timely and great use of comedy, particularly given the nature of the series as a parody or tongue-in-cheek spotlight on tropes in the superhero genre.

Whether it's the nature of Saitama himself, his unassuming appearance and personality or the surrounding world he lives in, there is ample room for the comedy to continue in the manner it already has established. One of the best tropes came in the form of Mumen Rider, who is one of the most beloved superheroes because of his willpower and personality, despite being one of the weakest in the series. That failing famously manifested itself during his confrontation against the Sea King.

Moving into season two, “One-Punch Man” should continue its string of superhero-based comedy and surprisingly nuanced trope dissection, particularly as the roster of heroes and villains gets deeper and Saitama continues to claim successive victories with the power of a single fist.

6 More One-Hit Wonders


Speaking of his fist, of the constant running gags (or plot points, really) is the constant struggle that Saitama has with all of his fights; that is, his ability to defeat all of his opponents in one blow (and the frustration that provides the battle-hungry hero). As we mentioned earlier, this problem has ironically robbed him of what he wants from the hero life: the thrill of combat. So far, no opponent has proven strong enough to stand against him long enough to provide an adequate challenge.

Viewers can, and already have, no doubt expected this to continue. After all, the first season ended with Saitama prevailing over Lord Boros by revealing a "serious punch," a move which the alien villain states the hero still holds back from unleashing, thus relegating him to the life of a nomadic hero-for-hire (of sorts), defeating monsters in one blow and moving on to the next unsatisfying encounter. While there’s little doubt that there will be an increased threat level in season two, it’s hard to imagine that a character who defeats opponents in one blow could gain much more steam. Then again, his one-hit victories are so epic, it’s hard to not yearn for more.

5 The Secret of Saitama’s Strength


When Genos inquired as to the secret behind Saitama’s godly strength, the bald hero readily revealed his training regimen, which he undertook for three years: 100 push ups, 100 sit ups, 100 squats and a 10 kilometer run every day. Given how simple and basic it is, Genos states that the feats his proclaimed sensei accomplishes would require much more in the way of training. Clearly, the young cyborg has a point.

While Saitama maintains that his prosaic workout routine is all he does, there has to be something more at work within its structure that somehow granted him the strength to obliterate his opponents with a single punch. It's also strange that it apparently culminated in the loss of his hair. This combination of factors has left viewers wondering aloud in hotly argued conversations online. Surely, season two could potentially explore the possibilities behind this strange phenomenon, while at least hinting at more of an explanation as to the true nature of his abilities.

4 The Truth About King


Introduced as the seventh-ranked hero and “The Strongest Man in the World," King only got very little screen time relative to the series' other characters. He didn't even take part in fighting off the alien invasion of A-City, simply because the ship was “too far away.” Was this a fair point, or simply a convenient excuse? Fans have been waiting to find out more.

Whether it was laziness or not remains to be seen for the time being, but seeing more of King and his personality, as well as his skills in a fight, would be pretty great developments to have in season two. Given that fans already know who the strongest is, it clearly speaks volumes to what the Hero Association thinks of King’s skills. With an air of intrigue surrounding him and three matching scars to boot, one can only expect him to show his true strength moving forward, especially with more threats sure to be moving in. If he is truly the strongest, it is very possible he could have the strength to rival (or at least try to rival) the growing legend that is Saitama. Time -- and hopefully the second season --will tell.

3 The Rise of Tatsumaki


Ranked as the number two S-Class hero, Tatsumaki is a powerful psychic whose small, childlike appearance often results in her being ignored, and makes her the target of some comedic moments in the series. These usually tend to involve Saitama in some way, shape or form. But as fans saw during the Boros invasion, it’s easy to see why she’s seen as the second-most-powerful S-Class hero, showcasing powerful psychic abilities that would make even the legendary Jean Grey jealous.

Come season two, getting more character development from Tatsumaki would be a good opportunity to add some substance to the S-Class heroes, which never really had an opportunity to develop. In the manga and the web-comic, she has become one of the most popular characters and appeared to be very well-received on screen. Adding more substance to her character will serve to heighten her overall appeal and allow viewers to be more invested in Tatsumaki as more than just the personification of a classic trope. Given that the S-Class heroes will likely be featured more in the upcoming season, she stands to be one of the main ones to shine, especially given her status within the Hero Association.

2 The Mystery of Blast


During the alien invasion from Boros, we were quickly acquainted with the rundown of the 17 S-Class heroes, who are the best that the Hero Association has to offer. But, there was one hero who was missing in action: Blast, who is ranked as the top S-Class hero, but did not show despite the high level threat looming over A-City. Needless to say, this is one hero who was conspicuous by his absence.

In fact, Blast is probably one of the biggest mysteries in “One-Punch Man.” None of the characters really allude to his personality or abilities, as they simply state that Blast would show up if he was truly needed. It is apparent, however, that massive meteors and alien invasions don’t interest the top-ranked S-Class hero enough to make an appearance. Could season two give us the needed threat that draws Blast out? Or could fans glean more insight from the other S-Class heroes about him? Viewers can only hope that this mysterious figure somehow has an impact on the story in the foreseeable future.

1 A Challenge for Saitama



Given his overwhelming strength, Saitama is constantly on the search for someone who he can go all-out against, or at least someone who can’t be defeated with just one of his punches. While Boros stood against Saitama for a time in an epic brawl for the ages and forced the caped hero to perform one serious punch, the alien proved no match for him, even revealing that Saitama still had strength to spare after their fight.

When season two starts, Saitama will be back at square one, defeating monsters and opponents with one blow. But could another opponent stronger that Boros emerge from the shadows to push Saitama further than he’s ever been pushed before? It is certainly possible, given the amount of strong people who are still out there, just waiting to make an appearance. That, of course, is part of the entire fun behind "One-Punch Man;" not so much that you are waiting to find someone to beat Saitama, but that he will finally get a legitimate challenge and a big, nasty fight! When that time comes, it will be a great moment for Saitama, and of course for his fans.

What are you hoping will be included in season two of “One-Punch Man?” Be sure to hit up our comments section and let us know!

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