One Piece: Top 10 Strongest Members of The Ninja-Pirate-Mink-Samurai Alliance

The Ninja-Pirate-Mink-Samurai Alliance is an alliance formed by the Straw Hat Pirates, Heart Pirates, Minks and the Samurai, under the Kozuki Clan. It was formed in Zou after the Luffy accepted Momonusuke's request to assist the Kozuki Clan in getting revenge on Kaido for killing his father and ruining the beautiful country of Wano.

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This group consists of some of the most dangerous up and coming pirates from the Worst generation, inclusive of Luffy, Zoro, and Law, as well as powerful warriors who once traveled on Whitebeard and Roger's ship (Inurashi and Nekomamushi).


Pedro is a Mink and the former captain of the Nox Pirates and the former captain of the Guardians of the Mokomo Dukedom. Pedro was an exceptionally skilled Mink and, during his time as a pirate, he was notorious enough to warrant the government placing a bounty of over three hundred million berries on his head.

Pedro became a pirate to search for the Poneglyphs because he thought them critical in one day bringing the world to its dawn. Pedro tragically died in the Whole Cake Island Arc but his sacrifice ensured the Straw Hats would get to continue their journey towards finding the One Piece, and bringing about the dawn that Pedro spent much of his life waiting on.


Kawamatsu is a Kapa and one of Lord Ozen Kozuki's loyal retainers, and also a member of the Nine Red Scabbards. Kawamatsu is a Yokozuna ranked level sumo wrestler, meaning he is a master of the fighting form. With his deadly sumo skills, Kawamatsu builds up acclaim before deciding to follow Oden. His body is renowned for being durable and strong, so much so that, even after being fed poisonous fish for years in Udon's prison, he is still alive and well.

To this day, Kawamatsu stands as one of Oden's most loyal disciples and he will play a crucial role in the battle for Wano.


Having washed up on the shores of Wano as a child, a young Inuarashi would go on to meet Oden and to devote his life to his master's cause. Even after Oden's death, Inuarashi has continued working to complete his master's mission of opening the borders of Wano.

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Duke Inurashi is a powerful Mink warrior, whose strength is known to be able to compete with Jack the Drought, a Headliner of the Beast Pirates. He wields a rapier in which he often charges with electricity, using the Mink's Electro, which makes for a deadly weapon.


Before losing his left arm, Nekomamushi would have featured much higher on this list due to his incredible speed, agility, and power. Nekomamushi's reflexes are insane, making him extremely hard to hit and, if hit, he is durable enough to withstand a large amount of pain, as shown when he withstood the pain of Jack cutting off his arm.

Like Inuarashi, Nekomashi is a loyal retainer to Oden and he keeps fighting in hope of one day seeing the dawn of the One Piece world.


Vinsmoke Sanji is a notorious rookie pirate from the Germa Kingdom. He is the current chef of the Straw Hat Pirates, where he is in search of the All Blue. The All Blue is a mysterious part of the ocean where all four oceans of the One Piece world intersect. It is believed to have the most wondrous sea, filled with amazing sea creatures.

In order to achieve this goal, Sanji has sharpened both his cooking skills and fighting technique, and in his two years of piracy, he's racked up a bounty of over 300 million berries. Impressive!


Ashura Doji is a member of the Nine Red Scabbards, having decided to serve Oden after he was beaten by Oden in battle. In the past, Ashura was known as the most terrifying criminal in the Kuri region which, at the time, was one of Wano's most lawless districts. This was all before Oden Kozuki came into town and beat everybody into submission.

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Ashura deeply admired Oden for his strength and character. This admiration would spur him to train even harder, in hopes that he could be more like his master. This hard work paid off as Ashura Doji developed into one of Oden's most powerful retainers.


Jinbei's condition and whereabouts are currently unknown, following his fight with the Big Mom Pirates. But if he wasn't too badly injured, it's safe to say he remains one of the strongest members of the alliance. In the past, Jinbei amassed enough power and strength to become a Warlord of the Sea, as well as the captain of the Sun Pirates.

After meeting Luffy, Jimbei was captivated by the young man's bravery and ability, and decided he would one day join his crew. Though this has yet to happen, both the fans of One Piece and the Straw Hat Pirates eagerly await Jinbei's arrival, a lot due in part to his combat abilities.


Zoro has consistently proven himself to be amongst the two strongest members of the Straw Hat Pirates, and due to their strength, in general, it was only natural he would place high on this list. Growing up in Shimotsuki Village, Zoro's arms were never far from a sword and, even in his earliest days, it was clear he had exceptional sword skills.

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Years of training and dedication improved Zoro's technique and physical capabilities, making for a much more dangerous swordsman. Having just been given a new blade that specializes in drawing out the users Haki, don't be surprised if Zoro ends up taking out several of Kaido's deadly warriors.


Law is the doctor and captain of the Heart Pirates. Law originally entered an alliance with Luffy with the goal to take down Kaido. However, it was later revealed that Law's true aim was to takedown Donquixote Doflamingo.

In this fight to defeat Doflamingo, Law showed how powerful he can be. Though not the strongest physical fighter, Law's sword skills, in conjunction with his devil fruit power, means he can be a difficult match for anybody.


After the death of Oden Kozuki, Wano fell into the hands of Kurozumi Orochi and Kaido. After this, the country regressed and became a shadow of its former glory. In this time, the country's citizens stop looking towards the future and, in many ways, it was as if time has frozen.

Since that time, Wano has been waiting for a powerful warrior to return and jolt it back to life. Luffy is the most notorious member of this alliance, having been a major thorn in the sides of the World Government and some famous pirates ever since his debut two years ago.

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