One Piece: Top 10 Strongest Members Of The Beast Pirates

The Beast Pirates are an infamous Yonko crew operating from the New World in One Piece. It is renowned for its powerful Zoan users who Kaido loves to scout out and force into his crew. The Beast Pirates are led by the Yonko, Kaido and are known for going out into the world and causing great calamities before returning to their much quieter lives in Wano.

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Kaido himself resides on the island, Onigashima. His Beast Pirates, however, tend to reside all over Wano, where the highest-ranking members are given rulership over certain areas of the country. Kaido gained control of this territory when he was able to defeat Kozuki Oden. Since then, he's built up massive factories that have poisoned Wano's natural resources.


Holdem is a Headliner currently in charge of Bakura Town. He was introduced during the Wano Country Arc after Luffy rushed into Bakura Town to save Tama after she had been captured by one of Holdem's minions. This led to a brief skirmish with Luffy which allowed Holdem to display the strengths of his artificial Lion devil fruit.

As a smile eater, Holdem lost the ability to swim but, in exchange, he grew a Lion on his belly. This lion had powerful jaws that can cause damage to an enemy, but it often acts against Holdem's wishes.


Babanuki is a Headliner and the current Warden of the prison mine in Udon, where he is feared by its prisoners. The fear the prisoners have for Babanuki is due to the Headliner's poisonous weapons. These weapons were developed by Queen and they can easily kill a person within seconds.

With these weapons at hand, Babanuki rules the prison with an iron fist but, outside of his poisonous weapons, Babanuki himself isn't that strong, though he does have increased strength and durability due to his Zoan abilities.


Page One consumed the Dragon-Dragon fruit model, Spinosaurus and gained the ability to transform into a Spinosaurus. The devil fruit also grants the user additional strength, speed endurance, as well as keener senses. As a carnivorous Zaan eater, Page One is known for his extremely aggressive fighting style once he's in his hybrid or full dinosaur form.

He showed his skills during the early parts of the Wano Country Arc when he went up against Sanji. Though the fight was brief, Page One was able to show that he has the ability to be more than just a fodder soldier.


Hawkins is a current Headliner after choosing to work under Kaido. He regularly runs around Wano trying to do Kaido's bidding. It is believed by some pirates that, once you get to the New World, you only have two choices; work for the strong or die.

When confronted with this choice, Hawkins sought to keep his life and, while that was cowardly, it can somewhat be understood, given the strength that Kaido possesses. Despite now being a subordinate, Hawkins is still one of the strongest rookie pirates around.

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Apoo is a member of the Long Arm Tribe and the captain of the On Air Pirates, a notorious rookie crew from the Grandline. Though the exact timeline is yet to be confirmed, it is known that Apoo became a subordinate of Kaido after entering the New World. Since then, Apoo has aided Kaido by traveling around the New World and recruiting strong pirates to join the Yonko's crew.

Of course, Apoo is sent on other types of missions as well, such as when he was sent to retrieve Jack after the latter had suffered heavy damage in a battle. Apoo's devil fruit is mysterious, making it hard for opponents to get an understanding of his abilities, which greatly aides Apoo in his fights.


After journeying to the New World, X Drake specifically targeted territories belonging to Kaido in order to get himself noticed by the Emperor of the Sea. After causing enough damage, Kaido caught wind of the young pirate's actions and he was invited to join his crew. Drake accepted this position and became a Headliner.

Drake is currently a member of the Beast Pirates' Flying Six but, even though he has spent time working for Kaido, it was recently revealed that Drake has been acting as a double agent. Drake's devil fruit ability grants him immense fighting powers, with his Allosaurus form winning a claim for its powerful biting force.


Jack is one of the Beast Pirates' three All-Stars and he rules over the Kuri region of Wano. Jack is a fish-man who ate the ancient Mammoth devil fruit, which gave him the ability to turn into a Mammoth. With this ability, Jack has done considerable damage to anyone who gets in his way, as is reflected by his bounty, which is currently over a billion berries.

Jack is massive in his Mammoth form and with this size, he tramples the countries he visits. This is what gave rise to his epithet "The Drought" because, once Jack walks through your county, it will become nothing but a wasteland.


Queen is an All-Star that serves as the ruler of the region of Udon in Wano. Queen is known to hang out in the prisoner mines of Udon where he can regularly be seen torturing prisoners or testing out his new and interesting viruses. Queen is exceptionally skilled at the production of different viruses and his abilities alone have struck fear into many of the former brave samurais of Wano.

Queen is a fun-loving man who does not show much regard for many people outside himself. Despite this, he is highly respected and trusted by Kaido. His ancient Brachiosaurus devil fruit makes him a durable and powerful fighter, which greatly aids his wrestle themed fighting attacks.

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King is one of Kaido's most trusted crew members and he is believed by many One Piece fans to be Kaido's right-hand man, though Oda himself has yet to provide any clarification of the matter. King consumed the Dragon-Dragon fruit model, Pteranodon, and gained the ability to turn into the ancient animal.

With this fruit's ability, King can fly through the skies at incredible speeds and is one of the most dangerous aerial combatants in the series so far. With a bounty that easily surpasses a billion berries, King is a man worth looking out for in the current Wano Arc.


Kaido is a former apprentice pirate of the Rocks Pirates. It is under Rocks D Xebec's tutelage that Kaido learned how to be a pirate so, in many ways, his cruel ways are to be expected. Kaido stands at the top of the food chain when it comes to all creatures currently living in the world of One Piece.

His durability and astounding power mean that even some of the most physically commanding of fighters simply pale in comparison to Kaido. His impressive Conqueror's Haki has left many a foe unconscious and, though Kaido is not unbeatable, he is definitely nigh unkillable.

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