10 Strongest Female Characters in One Piece

In the world of One Piece, there is no shortage of powerful individuals such as Monkey D. Luffy, Roronoa Zoro, as well as “Hundred Beast” Kaido. While most of the series strongest heroes and villains are male, the series has plenty of powerful women as well.

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While outnumbered, there are several females in One Piece who can give their male counterparts a run for their money. On the one hand, there are females whose powers are well known. On the other, there are females that are known to be powerful, but their full strength remains a mystery. Here are 10 of the strongest female characters that have appeared thus far.

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10 Stussy

When she first appears during the Whole Cake Island arc, Stussy does not seem like much of a threat. This assumption quickly changes after it is revealed that she is a member of Cipher Pol Aigis Zero. As a member of the World Goverment's most powerful intelligence agency, there is no doubt that she is strong.

At the present time, not much is known about her full strength. Although it is confirmed that she can use two forms of Haki and is also a Rokushiki master. She can also use an enhanced version of the finger pistol to create shockwaves, which can easily incapacitate someone with a single shot even from a considerable distance.

9 Nami

In the early days of One Piece, Nami was the weakest member of her crew. At most, all she could do in a fight was hit someone with a wooden staff. Today, thanks to her knowledge of meteorology, Usopp's inventions and natural talent as a navigator, she can manipulate the weather around her like magic.

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She can deceive her enemies with illusions, create tornados, as well as generate thunderstorms anytime she wants. In the aftermath of the Whole Cake Island arc, she gains a new servant in the form of Zeus. A powerful Homie created by the Yonko Big Mom with the power to produce powerful lighting storms.

8 Nico Robin

Nico Robin has one of the most tragic backstories in all of One Piece. For over 20 years, she was forced to constantly run from the World Government, unable to trust anyone around her. Ironically, her hellish lifestyle helped mold her into a powerful fighter. Ever since joining the Straw Hats, her overall power has grown exponentially.

Thanks to her Devil Fruit powers, she can make any part of her body bloom from any surface, including the bodies of other people. After the time skip, her abilities improved to the point where she can fuse thousands of limbs to create giant appendages, allowing her to take out a large number of enemies by herself.

7 Vinsmoke Reiju

Much like her younger brother Vinsmoke Sanji, Reiju, also known as “Poison Pink”, is extremely powerful. Unlike most humans, she underwent genetic modifications resulting in her developing superhuman abilities. She possesses superhuman strength and speed, which has been further enhanced thanks to the advanced military technology of Germa 66.

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She also has superhuman durability thanks to her having an exoskeleton which protects her from regular gunfire and most weapons. Her greatest strength is her ability to ingest and produce poison. This allows Reiju to absorb virtually all forms of lethal poisons, including one from a stonefish that almost killed Luffy, despite the latter’s strong immunity to poison.

6 Monet

A high ranking member of the Donquixote Pirates, Monet is anything but weak. Formerly a regular human, she underwent a special procedure that swapped her human limbs with those of a bird. As a result, she became a harpy and acquired the ability to fly.

Furthermore, she is a logia-type Devil Fruit user with the power to turn into and manipulate snow. On her own, she was able to take on both Robin and Nami, as well as almost killed Marine Captain Tashigi. While not as strong as the likes of Luffy or Zoro, she was still strong enough to give even the former some trouble and nearly incapacitated him.

5 Carrot

Despite her adorable appearance, Carrot is not to be underestimated. A natural-born fighter with superhuman strength and speed, she is a member of the Musketeer Squad and serves under Inuarashi, one of the two rulers of her homeland Zou. Like all minks, she has the power to generate electrical currents using Electro.

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Despite her young age, she has also mastered the power of the Mink Tribe’s Sulong form. In this state, her physical abilities and Electro increase tremendously and she can even glide long distances at considerable speeds. She is so fast that she easily dispatched dozens of pirates under Big Mom's command, as well as evaded attacks from one of her strongest sons Charlotte Daifuku.

4 Catarina Devon

Catarina Devon, also known as the "Crescent Moon Hunter”, is one of the 10 pirate captains serving under the Yonko Blackbeard. While not much is known about her, she is confirmed to be one of the most dangerous female pirates in the series. Furthermore, she survived a life or death battle royale at Impel Down between her fellow prisoners from Level 6.

This, in turn, guaranteed her a spot as an elite member of Blackbeard’s crew. She possesses the powers of a mythical zoan-type Devil Fruit which not only lets her transform into a nine-tailed fox but into other people as well.

3 Boa Hancock

As the leader of the Kuja pirates, and only female member of the Seven Warlords, the “Pirate Empress” Boa Hancock embodies the Kuja’s belief that “strength is beauty.” Her overwhelming beauty also greatly enhances the effectiveness of her Devil Fruit powers, which allows her to turn anyone that gazes at her with lust into stone.

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She is even capable of turning several Pacifista cyborgs to stone and defeat them with ease. A feat that the pre-timeskip Straw Hats barely managed to achieve against one. Furthermore, she is the first female character in the series who was confirmed to be proficient in all three forms of Haki.

2 Charlotte Smoothie

One of Big Mom’s three Sweet Commanders, Charlotte Smoothie is a very powerful pirate. She currently possesses the highest known bounty of any female character which is 932 million. She is a powerful woman capable of overwhelming opponents with her superhuman strength and brilliant tactical mind.

Her Devil Fruit ability lets her wring out the liquids of anything or anyone that she touches either with her hands or through her sword. By absorbing liquids she also increases her size and can then unleash those liquids as single concentrated blast with her sword. She can even use her abilities to remove poison from her body.

1 Charlotte Linlin

At the top spot of our list is none other than the Yonko Charlotte Linlin, also known as Big Mom. Even when she was just five years old, she was strong enough to easily throw a fully grown giant with ease. Despite being in her late 60's, Big Mom is still powerful enough to easily overpower a blow from Luffy’s Gear Fourth "Boundman."

She has the power to manipulate souls, which allows her to take them from others, as well as use them to create living foods, animals and objects known as homies. The most powerful homies currently under her control are Prometheus, which lets her manipulate fire, and Napoleon, a living sword strong enough to survive a clash with Kaido.

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