One Piece: Every Member Of The Straw Hat Pirates, Ranked

One of the longest-running anime series of all time, One Piece tells the story of Monkey D. Luffy, who hopes to follow in the footsteps of his childhood idol, Captain "Red-Haired" Shanks, and become "King of the Pirates." To accomplish his goal, he assembles the Straw Hat Pirate crew, who eventually rises to become one of the most notorious pirates on the sea.

We're going to look at this crew and rank each member. We've already looked at the crew by terms of sheer strength, so now we are combining that with character and personality. Remember, spoilers abound and we're not counting temporary members and allies.

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10 Usopp

The Straw Hat pirates needed a sniper and they've got one in Usopp. He's kind of a parody of Pinocchio, even the big nose didn't give it away, he loves telling tall tales and lies, which can make it seem like he lives in his own little world. He was actually the captain of his namesake "Usopp Pirates," which mostly consisted of him and some kids telling people pirates were coming.

Eventually, he decides to become a real pirate by joining up with the Straw Hat Pirates. He can also get emotional and cowardly, not that he doesn't put his fears aside when push comes to shove. Even so, he still brings a lot to the team, being a skilled sniper, marksman, and even a bit of an engineer. One of his biggest talents is crafting and improvising weapons.

9 Jinbe

When traveling the seven seas, it probably helps to have a fish-man onboard. Formerly the second captain of the Sun Pirates, he joined the Straw Hats to honor the wishes of his late captain Fisher Tiger: peace between the fish-men and humans. He certainly has his talents: he's got willpower, discipline, is good with martial arts and controlling water, and he's even got a trident (not that we ever really see him use it.)

Personality-wise, he's been shown to be brutal in attacks, yet respectful and even fatherly to others, especially those he's allied with. Initially rejecting his first offer to join the Straw Hat Pirates, it almost seemed like he was going to be a villain at some point. In the past, he hated humans, causing him, whether directly and indirectly, to be responsible for many tragic events, but now seems to have become an atoner.

8 Franky

Not only does Franky, also known as Cutty Flam, look strong, he is also quite protective of his loved ones. This is a good thing...audiences were initially meant to think he was going to be a villain before he joined up with the Straw Hat crew.

Franky is a cyborg, which gives him enhanced superhuman strength, even allowing him to survive weapons that would kill a normal person. His body is even equipped with rockets, allowing him to attack with strong blasts, and even mundane electronics. We all can use a friend with a built-in fridge. If you think his robotics would eat up his emotions, however, it's kind of the opposite: he's shown to be strange, almost overdramatically compassionate, and he's a bit of an exhibitionist...he mostly wears a jacket and a Speedo.

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7 Brook

This skeleton fulfills Luffy's long-desired wish for the crew to have their own musician, so you can argue that Brook provides that special touch of style to the Straw Hat crew. A Devil Fruit technically gave him the power of immortality...he can still die but his soul has to actually return to his body. Added to that, the catch is that his body can decay in the interim, explaining why he is currently a living skeleton. While the exact biology of how that works is kind of complicated, he luckily somehow managed to keep that giant afro of his.

Although he's kind of the comic relief of the gang, he's still a threat, which is pretty impressive for someone literally made up of hair and bones. The fact that he's a living skeleton and technically immortal also means that he's capable of accomplishing feats that would normally kill some of the other team members. Added to that, his "advanced" age technically makes him a veteran pirate.

6 Tony Tony Chopper

There's honestly a lot that Chopper brings to the team. Thanks to the Devil Fruit turning him into a hybrid, he spent most of his early years being excluded by other reindeer. However, after being trained by his foster-father, Dr. Hiriluk, and being somewhat self-taught, he's now the Straw Hat Crew's doctor, something he's proved pretty capable at, like with his creation of the "Rumble Ball" drug.

That said, he seems to do a lot more than just working with medicine. While he's usually seen in his Brain Point form, where he kind of functions as the crew's mascot, thanks to the Devil Fruit, he can take on various forms, like his Heavy Point, Horn Point, and Monster Point forms, each giving him different advantages.

5 Nico Robin

The archaeologist of the group, Nico Robin has had a colorful resume: she's been Miss All Sunday, the vice president of Baroque Works, a slave, a scholar, an assassin, and even a revolutionary. She's been a villain and an ally. All in all, she's been a survivor (and not just because she's the sole survivor of Ohara island,)

One of the more serious members of the crew, she actually joined after hiding on the ship and asking Luffy to accept her. While originally a bit of a suspicious character, she eventually won over most of the team.

4 Nami

Being a thief is clearly the first stepping stone that leads to becoming a pirate. Before rising to be the navigator of the Straw Hats, she surprisingly used to hate pirates, due in part to losing her foster-mother at their hands.

Her skills as a cat burglar have helped her even get the best of her crewmates. One of the smarter crewmembers, she's also good with money, managing the Straw Hats' finances and even charging fees for doing extra work. She also has one major advantage in her corner: with the help of the Clima-Tact weapon, she can virtually control the weather!

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3 Sanji

Sanji might be cool and collective, but he's a lot more perceptive than he appears. His weapon of choice is a leg-based form of martial arts. And he cooks! His policy is never to use knives or his cooking utensils...but he does know how to use them.

Also, he's technically a prince, but he's disowned his family. They've been abusive to him, but, even so, he's shown again and again to be the bigger person in his dealings with them, such as rescuing them from the Big Mom pirates. All in all, he's quite chivalrous.

2 Roronoa Zoro

With a name like Zoro, you can tell this guy is good with swords, functioning as one of the first and most dangerous members of the Straw Hate Pirates. A talented and famed swordsman, even developing his own "Santoryu" style, he used to be a bounty hunter.

In addition to his skills, he's shown to be physically strong and quite tolerant of pain. There's a reason people mistake him for the captain (and still wonder why he isn't one.) That said, he's loyal and always willing to give sage, if frank, advice.

1 Monkey D. Luffy

Now, there wouldn't even be a Straw Hat Pirate crew without Monkey D. Luffy. The crew's even named after his iconic hat, a gift from Shanks. Even beyond that, he's impressively strong and his Devil Fruit powers essentially made him into living rubber.

He might not be able to swim anymore, but all in all it seems a small price to pay. Who needs to swim when you have the Going Merry or the Thousand Sunny? Added to that, he might have also earned the title of "Fifth Emperor" by complete accident...but that kind of makes it more impressive!

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