One Piece: 5 Pirate Crews The Straw Hats Can beat and 5 They Can’t

The Straw Hat Pirates are a notorious rookie crew, that was formed in the East Blue by Monkey D Luffy. Luffy always dreamed of becoming a pirate and set out to sea on his 17th birthday, in hopes of gathering a fun and dependable crew, on his way to becoming the King of the Pirates.

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Luffy knew how hard this would be, so he set his sights on recruiting strong members, but not just physically strong people. Luffy looked beneath the surface and recruited people with strength of character, and that mental strength has been a major reason behind the Straw Hats' success in their short time as pirates. Each member of the crew is capable of handling incredible levels of mental stress.


The Red Hair pirates are a notorious pirate crew, whose captain gained the title of Yonko six years ago from the current storyline. This captain, “Red Hair” Shanks, is one of the world's most powerful pirates who used to duel on level ground with the world's strongest swordsman, Dracule Mihawk. Of course, we’ve seen both Luffy and Zoro struggle immensely against Mihawk. This was before the timeskip and, even though they’ve grown, they still wouldn’t stand a chance were they to get a rematch. Lucky Roo, Yasopp and Benn Beckmann have been reputed as some of the toughest Yonko commanders around. And, if that wasn’t enough, the Red Hair Pirates are considered by the marines to be the most well balanced and impenetrable Yonko crew operating at the moment.


The New Fish-Man Pirates were a crew led by by Hody Jones. Under his rule, they were known to be overtly prejudice, xenophobic and filled with hate for creatures outside of their race. Hody attempted to take over all of Fish-Man island, but was quite easily stopped by the Straw Hats after they arrived in Fish-Man Island. After their initial loss, the New Fish-Man Pirates tried to use steroids in a bid to overpower the Straw Hats, but even that failed. After being beaten by the Straw Hats, the New Fish-Man Pirates were imprisoned and are currently inactive.


The Big Mom Pirates is led by the long-standing Yonko, Charlotte Linlin. Linlin is a monster who was strong enough to defeat several of the legendary giant warriors of Elbaf, when she was only a child. Since then, she’s amassed power by giving birth to a whopping 85 children. Owing to her distrust of outsiders, her crew is mainly consisted of her children who, alongside her, rule over the Totto Land . The Straw Hats managed to sneak into Big Mom's territory, before causing major disruptions to Big Mom's plans. Though this is indeed impressive, it’s far from actually taking them head on and winning an actual war against them. Luffy was largely ineffective against her when they last met and, even though he defeated one of her commanders, this was largely due to him injuring himself. All things noted, if the Straw Hats were to go up against the Big Mom Pirates, they would surely lose.

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Gecko Moriah once dreamt of becoming Pirate King and, in order to achieve this goal, he converted the island, Thriller Bark, into a pirate ship. He then used his devil fruit power to steal the shadows of the many pirates that wondered into his island . This was meant to give him the manpower necessary to achieve his dreams but, somewhere along the line, he diverted from this. Moriah is a fairly strong pirate but, despite this, the Straw Hat crew easily outclasses him and his group, as seen when they defeated them in the Thriller Bark arc.


The Beast Pirates are led by their Governor-General Kaido, a man believed to be unkillable. A man strong enough to jump off a sky island with the intention of committing suicide, only to end up with just a minor headache. Kaido has an army of devil fruit users, with its strongest members being King, the Conflagration, Queen, the Plague and Jack, the Drought; all pirates with bounties over one billion berries. These three men alone have broken the dreams of many young pirates. This pirate crew was strong enough to take over Wano Country, a country know for its strong samurais. The Beast Pirates are not only a more powerful crew than the Straw Hats in terms of raw strength, but they also outnumber them considerably, even when one accounts for the 'Straw Hat Grand Fleet'.


The Donquixote family was a pirate crew led by the former Warlord of the Sea, Donquixote Doflamingo, and, in their time, they terrorized many countries and their people. They eventually settled in Dressrosa and Doflamingo sat on its throne as king. Things were going swelling well until the Straw Hats and Heart Pirates' alliance stepped in and intervened. In one of the most epic battles of the series, Luffy was able to take down Doflamingo using his Gomu-Gomu no King King Gun. Zoro also took out Pica and Nico Robin assisted in the downfall of Diamanté. The remainder of the Straw Hats and their allies also claimed victory meaning the battle for Dressrosa ended in a total defeat for the Doflamingo family.


The Roger Pirates is the most famous pirate crew to ever exist in the One Piece world, having explored the entire Grandline en route to Gold D Roger becoming the Pirate King. Renowned for its strong fighting crew, with members such as “Dark King” Silvers Rayleigh, Scopper Gaban, the Daimyo of Kuri, Oden Kozuki, as well as a young Shanks and Buggy. We’ve seen that Luffy is inferior to Rayleigh, who is currently in his old age. So, one can only imagine what would happen if the Straw Hats were to do battle with Roger and his crew. It would no doubt be an entertaining spectacle, but it is still too soon in the Straw Hats' journey for them to take on the Pirate King’s crew.

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The Arlong Pirates were a Fish-Man pirate group and the major antagonist of the Arlong Park Arc. This crew was known for its disdain of humans, believing themselves to be superior species. This belief is based on the fact that a regular fish-man is physically stronger than a normal human being. With their power, they reigned supreme over Conomi village, until they were defeated by the Straw Hat Pirates. In this encounter, Arlong and all of his officers were defeated by members of the Straw Hat crew, meaning, they suffered a complete defeat much like Doflamingo.


Easily one of the most domineering crews to ever sail the seas, the Rocks Pirates consisted of some of the most legendary pirates to ever set sail. Its members included Whitebeard, Big Mom, Kaido, Wan Zhi, Captain John, Silver Axe and Shiki. The man that stood above them as a captain was Rocks D Xebec. Rocks and his crew were notorious for being violent warmongers and Rocks himself intended to be King of the World. With such notorious legends amongst his crew, it’s hard to imagine the Straw Hats being able to mount much of an offense against this crew, and they would probably be wiped out fairly easily.


The Buggy Pirates are a crew led by Buggy the Star Clown, a former member of the Pirate King, Gol D Roger, and a former Warlord of the Sea. Buggy is a classic pirate, hungry for treasure and has spent a large part of his life searching for Captain John's treasure, alongside his crew. Buggy was an antagonist in one of the earliest arcs of One Piecewhere he and his crew were defeated by the Straw Hats. Both crews have grown significantly since then, but even when one takes this growth into account, it’s still clear that the Straw Hats are a far superior crew.

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