One Piece: Stampede Clip Introduces the Strongest Villain Luffy Has Ever Fought

One Piece: Stampede will hit American theaters between October 24 and October 31 as the latest major theatrical release from Funimation. And though CBR's review found that the anticipated film is flawed, even more importantly it's an incredibly fun tribute to twenty years of One Piece.

While American audiences need to wait a few more days before they can witness the movie, Funimation has provided CBR with an exclusive clip featuring its main villain, Douglas Bullet, facing off against a legion of pirates from across One Piece history.

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With his Haki alone, Bullet suppresses a legion of pirates, save for the very strongest, and while Luffy is able to resist and negate the Haki emanating from Bullet's body, it isn't enough to stir the film's main antagonist. But who is Bullet? And why is he so unstoppable?  The army of characters from across One Piece's history is gonna need a lot of help to even the odds, since he  might be the strongest adversary the Straw Hat Pirates have ever faced.

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One Piece: Stampede will receive limited release Oct. 24-31 in select theaters in North America. Visit the Funimation website to find participating locations.

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