One Piece: 10 Things You Didn't Know About Sanji's Family

Vinsmoke Family is one of the most feared groups in One Piece. It is the royal bloodline that rules over the Germa Kingdom. The Vinsmoke Family started out as one of the main antagonists of the Whole Cake Island arc, but, after Big Mom's betrayal, they allied with the Straw Hats.

The revelation of the Vinsmoke Family also threw some light on Sanji's past. Sanji is a Vinsmoke as well, but he is nothing like his other brothers, so he doesn't have the best of relationships with his family, excluding Reiju. Sanji has always been secretive about his parentage, and it is not surprising considering how barbaric they are. A lot of people still don't know many things about the Vinsmoke Family, so, in this post, we will talk about ten things that are you might not have known about the Vinsmoke Family.

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10 Rulers of North Blue

The Vinsmoke Family have been rulers of the North Blue for a long time. They conquered the entire North Blue over 300 years ago. However, they lost control over their territory. So, they made an alliance with Big Mom in order to strengthen their army and take control over North Blue again. Unfortunately for them, it didn't go as planned due to Big Mom planning an assassination to kill all the Vinsmokes. They would have died if Sanji had not been there to save them. It is unknown what they will do after their plans to forge an alliance fell through.

9 Judge and Vegapunk

Vinsmoke Judge is the current leader of the family. Judge might not be the strongest character when it comes to fighting, but he is very smart. He was involved in an illegal research experiment with Dr. Vegapunk, who is arguably the most intelligent character in One Piece. Judge worked with Vegapunk in a group to unlock the secrets to the Human Lineage factor and cloning. Judge used what he had learned to modify his own sons and turn them into war machines.

8 Color Based Attacking Styles

One thing that is peculiar about the Vinsmoke children is their fighting styles. Each Germa kid has their own unique style. Reiju is "Poison Pink," Ichiji is "Sparking Red", Niji is "Dengeki Blue", Sanji is "Stealth Black" and Yonji is "Winch Green."

All of the Germa Kids are very powerful and their unique abilities make them very formidable enemies. Sanji has disowned his Germa epithet, and he is more commonly known as "Black Leg." Sanji's epithet is a tribute to his mentor, "Red Leg" Zeff.

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7 Hair Scheme

Each Germa kid has their unique fighting and hair color scheme. This is true for almost every Germa kid. Reiju has pink hair, Ichiji has red hair, Niji has blue hair and Yonji has green hair. All of them have matching color schemes except for Sanji.

Sanji's hair color is blond while his epithet is "Stealth Black" that makes him the only Germa Kid who doesn't have a matching scheme. It would have been cool if Sanji had black hair color, but Oda probably wants to emphasize him been different from any of his siblings.

6 Curled Eyebrows

All of the Germa kids have eyebrows that are curved in an anti-clockwise direction. This resembles the number "6," which is supposedly a reference to Germa 66. Again Sanji is the only exception as both of his eyebrows are curled in a clockwise direction. This is probably another way of Oda showing that Sanji is different from his siblings and his family in general.

5 Affiliations with the Underworld

The Vinsmoke Family is an unusual royal family in more ways than one. The Vinsmokes are well known in the Underworld and do most of their work in the Underworld. The Vinsmoke Family carries out mercenary missions among several other things. The family's ties within the Underworld are very strong. They also have strong connections with "Big News" Morgan, who is the owner of the World Economics Journal and an Underground Emperor.

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4 Scientific Technology

The Vinsmoke Family is very well known for its technology. Vinsmoke Judge is a very smart man and he basically created all the powerful soldiers in his army. He was even able to genetically modify his children. Sanji was the only exception due to the effect of the drug that Sora took in the hope that her children would be born normal. Judge has an endless army of soldiers that are ready to sacrifice their lives for his sake. They act as a "wall" between him and the attack of the opponent.

3 Raid Suit

The Raid Suit is arguably the best piece of technology that has been created by Germa 66. It is an extraordinary suit that is immune to fire damage. Every member of the Vinsmoke Family has a raid suit. The raid suit can be compressed into a small container that makes it very easy to be carried.

These suits boost their physical abilities. Four out of the five Vinsmoke kids already possess superhuman abilities, and this just acts as a catalyst to make them even more powerful. Sanji received his raid suit at the end of Whole Cake Island arc. He has used it in his fight against Pageone.

2 Sora, Warrior of the Sea

There is a very popular comic strip that is based on the Vinsmoke Family. The comic was published in the World Economic Journal. The comic has the Vinsmoke Family as the main villains. This comic is a part of the Marine propaganda. It has a fictional Marine hero known as Sora. The name of the Vinsmoke Family was considered to be another synonym for evil. The name of Germa 66 was feared throughout the world and this comic added more bad reputation to them.

1 Reverie Royalty

Finally, there is one more thing that One Piece fans need to know about the Vinsmoke Family. Despite having a very bad reputation, the Vinsmoke Family is a royalty and they were able to attend the Reverie as well. Vinsmoke Judge had enough authority to issue changes to the bounty. He also changed the status of Sanji's bounty poster.

It was changed from "Dead or Alive" to "Only Alive." Judge managed to keep his secrets hidden from the World Government, so he was not excluded from the Reverie until Whole Cake Island.

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