One Piece: 10 Saddest Deaths That Broke Our Hearts

One Piece is, undoubtedly, one of the greatest anime ever written. With the way Oda has written the story so far, one can't help but appreciate the fact that it includes everything, from a great adventure to over-the-top fights, and of course, some emotionally scarring deaths. Oda may not like killing villains, but he certainly enjoys drawing emotional deaths, especially those which end up becoming pivotal to the plot moving forward.

As such, One Piece includes a lot of tear-jerking deaths. Here are the ten most emotional One Piece deaths that absolutely smashed our hearts into a million pieces.

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10 Scarlett's Death

Scarlett was the first daughter of Dressrosa's King Riku. After falling in love with Kyros, she moved to a place outside the kingdom where she led her life happily until the Donquixote family entered the fray. Using Sugar's power, Scarlett's husband was turned into a toy, and so she lost all memories of him, even forgetting that she ever fell in love.

After being on the run from Diamante for two days, she went to buy bread for her starving daughter, Rebecca and was shot right through her chest. Her last moments were spent in the arms of Kyros' toy form. Scarlett didn't even recognize the man in whose arms she was dying, and painfully for Kyros, he couldn't even feel her warmth leaving her body as she took her last breath.

9 Bell-mère's Death

A former Marine officer, Bell-mère was the adoptive mother of Nojiko and Nami. She lived at Cocoyashi village with her two daughters, right until the day of her death. When Arlong came and demanded money for being allowed to live, Bell-mère could either pay for herself or her two daughters.

She also had a choice of lying about living alone, as Arlong hadn't seen the two girls yet. Putting on a brave front, Bell-mère declared that she was paying for her daughter's lives, and so she was shot right in her head. She couldn't bear the thought of not calling herself the mother of Nojiko and Nami. Right before her death, with a proud smile, she said "I love you" to the girls.

8 Fisher Tiger's Death

One of the most heroic people in the world of One Piece ever, Fisher Tiger was a former slave who escaped from the clutches of the Celestial Dragons and freed many other slaves, including humans. Even though he wanted to trust the humans, he was betrayed even when he delivered Koala, a human slave, to her home safely.

The Marines shot him several times, and the only way to save him was by transfusing the human blood available. In an act of prejudice, Tiger refused the blood, not because he was an evil person, but because he couldn't help but feel betrayed even when doing good. Despite this, during his last moments, Fisher Tiger placed his bet on the upcoming generation of humans, realizing that the change will come, eventually.

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7 Donquixote Rosinante's Death

A former Celestial Dragon and the son of Donquixote Homing, Rosinante was the complete opposite of his evil brother. After his father's death at Doffy's hands, Rosinante was found by Sengoku, who took him in the Marines. As a double-agent, he supplied all the information he had on his brother to the Marines constantly, until the day he met Law.

To save Law from the Amber Lead Syndrome, he risked his life time and again, and went against the world to see the child live. This was primarily because Law was already scarred due to a horrific past and Rosinante couldn't see him suffer more. By betraying his brother, and even the Marines, Rosinante fed the Ope Ope no Mi to Law and paid the price by dying for it at his brother's hands.

6 Pedro's Death

Pedro was a Jaguar-mink, and one of Nekomamushi's guardians. He followed the Strawhats on their journey to retrieve Sanji from Whole Cake Island and steal Big Mom's Road Poneglyph. After successfully managing to do the job, Pedro sacrificed his life so the Strawhats could escape from Whole Cake Island. To free the Sunny from the candy, he blew himself up.

Ever since he was little, Pedro was told that the 'Dawn of the World' would eventually come. Putting all his faith in Luffy, he knew that letting him leave Whole Cake Island was of paramount importance because he believed Luffy to be the man who would bring the said Dawn.

5 Dr. Hiriluk's Death

Hiriluk was once a thief who suffered from a chronic illness, which was somehow cured by the Sakura blossoms. Ever since then, he devoted his life to curing other people of their illnesses. To Hiriluk, Chopper was a son who needed protection. Likewise, Chopper cared about him deeply and even brought him a mushroom he believed to be cure all diseases. Unbeknownst to Chopper, the mushroom was poisoned, but Hiriluk still ate it knowing it was poisoned.

Later, Hiriluk killed himself by drinking a failed medicine and went out in a huge explosion. In essence, he never died because he was never forgotten. His dream to see Drum Island freed also came to fruition years later.

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4 Rumbar Pirates' Demise

The Rumbar Pirates were a crew that sailed the seas about 50 years before the beginning of One Piece. Before entering the Grand Line, they promised Laboon that they would return to him at any cost. Unfortunately, the Grand Line was cruel to them, and half of the crew perished due to an incurable disease.

The other half roamed the Florian Triangle for years until they were attacked by poisonous weapons. One by one, all of them died, but not before they performed one last time for Laboon, who they could never meet again. Brook, who had eaten the Revive-Revive Fruit, recorded this on a tone dial and promised to keep his word and deliver it to Laboon after his resurrection.

3 Going Merry's Death

The Going Merry was the first ship of the Strawhat Pirates that they received from Kaya as a present. After sailing on multiple adventures on the Going Merry, she eventually had to be replaced because a repair was no longer possible.

At Water 7, the ship was finally abandoned. However, the ship's spirit manifested itself and sailed one last time to save the Strawhats from Enies Lobby. After accomplishing her goal, Luffy set the ship on fire with a heavy heart, and the entire crew paid their respects to her for everything she had done for them.

2 Edward Newgate's Death

Also known as the Strongest Man in the World, Edward Newgate waged war on the Navy to rescue his son Portgas D. Ace. Even though Ace was actually the son of his rival, Gol D. Roger, Whitebeard considered him and everyone else on the crew his sons.  Whitebeard managed to free Ace along with Luffy's help, however, Ace ended up sacrificing himself for his brother in an act of protection. Newgate then challenged the Marines on his own and made way for his children to escape.

After defeating Akainu, Whitebeard was shot hundreds of times by the Blackbeard Pirates. Moments before he died, just like Roger, he declared that the One Piece was, indeed, real. The greatest pirate ever finally passed away standing proud.

1 Portgas D. Ace's Death

The biological son of Gol D. Roger, Ace was a man whose mere existence was considered to be a crime. As such, he had doubts about whether he should've been born or not. After joining the Whitebeard Pirates, Ace finally found a place to belong to. However, in an attempt to bring Blackbeard to justice, he was handed over to the Marines. At his execution, Whitebeard brought his entire crew and allies to save him. Ace's brother, Luffy also showed up to save his life, and for the first time, he knew he was loved. Ironically, Ace ended up saving Luffy by sacrificing his life.

He passed away in his brother's arms and thanked him for loving someone like him, who carried the blood of a demon. Without any regrets, just like he wanted, Ace died.

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