10 Hilarious One Piece Memes Only True Fans Will Understand

In this modern era, memes are generated at an incredible rate and One Piece is a long-running and successful series, which means that it, oftentimes, provides meme-worthy content. This partially due to the overactive imagination of fans on the internet, alongside Oda's excellent use of comedy.

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Of course, to understand many of these memes, a person must be somewhat familiar with the plot and characters of One Piece. These are some of the memes only true fans of One Piece will be able to understand.


Gear third is a move Luffy developed in order to increase his fighting prowess so that he could take down increasingly difficult opponents. This move sees Luffy blow into his muscles to expand them, via filling them up with air. When Luffy does this, his body parts can get as large as a giant.

This meme pokes fun at this by implying that Jerry's cousin was the first to use this skillset. Some similar memes even go one further by adding an image of Luffy trying to invite the mouse to join the Straw Hats. That, in itself, is another call back to how notorious Luffy is for inviting people onto his crew, despite knowing very little about them beforehand.


As typical of this particular Drake meme, fans are shunning the make-up of this world, while approving the make-up of the world of One piece. The One Piece's world is divided into four oceans known as North Blue, South Blue, East Blue, and West Blue.

These four blues are divided by one massive landmass that runs through the center of the world. This landmass is known as the Redline. This is the general make-up of the One Piece world, from where so many interesting stories have been told.


One Piece is a long-running series and, to make it more interesting, Eiichiro Oda usually sprinkles in different themes and motifs throughout. To do this successfully, he uses all types of characters and sometimes animals.

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So, to see Pirate, Robots, Dinosaurs, and Zombies all interacting within a plot is not too uncommon for fans of One Piece. Even crazier, is the fact that he combines all these different elements into a coherent and compelling story.


The alliance between the Straw-hat pirates and the Heart pirates sent the One Piece universe into turmoil — and excited the fanbase to no end. After all, this saw two of the most prominent rookie pirates, Monkey D Luffy and Trafalgar Law, join hands.

Not only were they both members of the worst generation, but also members of the clan of 'D,' and they've had incredible success together so far. Despite this, Law usually finds himself being annoyed at the Straw-hats’ laid back attitude and their penchant for utter and complete chaos.


Shonen jump usually has a protagonist with an insatiable appetite and M0nkey D Luffy is no different. It would be farfetched to say that Luffy loves meat more than most things in this world. He can always be seen eating after a battle and, if the Straw Hats are celebrating, food will not be far from Luffy's mouth.

It's also been referenced several times throughout the series that Luffy and other members of the crew steal food from the fridge whenever Sanji fails to lock it. This meme lands particularly well as Sanji himself even asked Nami to buy a lock to prevent this problem.


Pain from the Naruto series always believed that only after the world understood the true meaning of pain, people would be able to truly understand each other and find peace. After fighting on throughout Thriller Bark, Luffy was exhausted and on the verge of death.

Bartholomew Kuma's ability allowed him to extract this pain and then inflict it onto an already battle-worn Roronoa Zoro. Thankfully, the swordsman's incredible durability and determination allowed him to survive. It seems this amount of pain is far too much for Pain, well, at the very least, this meme implies that.


One Piece wanted posters usually state whether or not the person is wanted dead or alive. This is particularly hilarious when it comes to Brook, who has technically already died. Due to his devil fruit power, the Soul King was granted an additional life.

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This makes Brook's wanted poster particularly funny. Unfortunately for him, the marines brand of justice means that one death is not enough for his wanted poster to be canceled.


Sanji is one of the strongest members of the Straw Hat Pirates and is considered by fans to be apart of the monster trio, alongside Luffy and Zoro. Throughout his journey, Sanji has had to battle against a number of strong pirates and overcome a number of injuries.

Despite this, Sanji's most difficult foe has to be his own perversion. After being embraced by a mermaid, Sanji blood begins to erupt from his nostrils. To this day, that is the closest Vinsmoke Sanji has come to death's door.


Haki is a power that flows throughout every living thing in the One piece universe. It can be separated into three types: Armament, Observation, and Conqueror’s haki. This meme makes use of Conqueror’s haki which is the ability to impose your willpower onto another person.

If your haki is superior, you will weaken your opponent, oftentimes resulting in them just completely collapsing to the floor before potentially passing out, due to the overwhelming force.


Every story needs to have a beginning, a moment that ensures there is no going back. In One Piece, this moment is the beginning of the great pirate Era. This is the moment that sent the majority of the world pirates into action.

Gol D Roger was executed at Logue Town but, before this happened, he revealed that, as King of the Pirates, he had left all his treasure in One Piece. In the anime, he made this announcement after being asked from a random member of the crowd. Some fans jokingly wonder what would have happened had this person not ask the question.

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