'One Piece' meets the Avengers in this Devil Fruit-fueled mashup

Somehow, between searching for the One Piece and battling the Four Emperors, Luffy and the Straw Hat Pirates find time to save the world in this mashup with Earth's Mightiest Heroes called, of course, "One Piece x Avengers." As one wise reddit user wrote, "This is literally what the internet is for. After porn, of course."

It's the work of Singapore-based artist Andimoo, who gives us Luffy as Captain America, Brook as Agent Coulson, Perona as Scarlet Witch, and more -- complete with character descriptions.

However, it doesn't end there: Andimoo has a Patreon campaign designed to help fund a biweekly "One Piece x Avengers" fan comic, so we can see Dr. Chopper in action as the Hulk, and Usopp unleash arrows as Hawkeye.

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