MBTI Of One Piece Characters

One Piece features a diverse cast of characters with personalities that fly off the wall. One Piece is a series that is big on the theme of willpower, with your willpower you can ascend to insane heights. The One Piece world is ruled by those with the strongest of wills and the personalities of these characters often differ which often then leads to major clashes that alter the state of the world.

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Such clashes include Whitebeard versus the Marines at Marineford, which all but ended the Golden Age of Piracy and gave birth to the ongoing New Age. Another such clash had Aokiji going up against Akainu at Punk Hazard which decided the position of  Fleet Admiral of the Marines. To get a better understanding of these pirates, here are their MBTI placements, revealed.


Doflamingo is a descendant of the Doflamingo family, a family of World Nobles who were apart of the nations that came together to form the World Government, a little after the happening of the Void Century. Doflamingo grew up under weak parents who were never strong enough to guide him down the path that he needed to go.

Due to his ancestry, Doflamingo grew with a heightened sense of self and this lead to him taking over an entire country, where he ruled over his citizens as if he was an actual God. Doflamingo has an ESTJ personality type and clues to this can be seen in his inflexible and bossy demeanor.


It is still not known what exactly Kaido is, but it is certain that he is incredibly powerful, as well as insanely crazy. Kaido is a struggling alcoholic who shows visible signs of distress whenever he's seen sober.

It was revealed that Kaido has wanted to die for a long time due to the boring nature of the world he lives in, and he has often attempted to end his own life. This highlights the decaying mental state of one of the world's most physically dominant creatures. Kaido is a strong leader who displays many traits of an ENTJ.


Charlotte Linlin is one of the world's most fearsome pirates. She has an unbelievable network that allows her to keep up to date with information from all around the world. This news network provides Big Mom with constant information, which allows her to rule Totto Land in peace.

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Additionally, this allows her to protect the citizens of her "utopia" and, as her name suggests, she acts as the mother of her people. Big Mom displays many of the caregiving traits of an ESFJ, albeit in a rather unorthodox way.


Charlotte Katakuri is one of Big Mom's three Sweet Commanders and is the second strongest member of the Big Mom pirates, being only inferior to the Queen of Totto Land. Katakuri has been incredibly reticent, choosing rather to speak through his actions. This only became worse after his sister, Brulee got scared by attackers who harmed her due to their hatred for Katakuri.

Katakuri's personality can be hard to pinpoint due to his cold exterior, but if one looks past his facade, it becomes apparent that he's a ISFJ. Like many ISFJ's, Katakuri displays a willingness to protect others and inability to properly communicate his inner feelings.


Monkey D. Luffy is a very simpleminded man who often displays the personality traits of a ENFP. These people can be some of the most fun loving and adventurous people around. Of course, Luffy fits this build perfectly due to his yearning for freedom and adventure.

Similar to other ENFP's, Luffy is highly creative. This is often reflected in his fightng style, where Luffy is capable of turning the most luducrious attacks into dangerous moves. ENFP's also tend to struggle to follow rules, which is reflected in Luffy's carefree and 'matter of fact' nature.


Nico Robin had to develop into one of the world's most resourceful people, after the World Government triggered a Buster Call that wiped out her homeland of Ohara. For years, Robin lived on the seas as a criminal, betraying anyone she had to in order to survive. This somewhat presented the audience with a skewed version of Nico Robin's true self.

After meeting the Straw Hat's, Robin opened up and her true qualities started shining through. Robin displays many behavioral similarities to INTP's, with her tendency for logical and objective reasoning one of her defining character traits.


On his journey towards the New World, Eustass Kid left untold destruction in his wake and the government paid additional attention to him due to his tendency to cause harm to civilians. This, in conjunction with Kid wiping out a pirate crew in the New World, has led to many believing Kid to be just another callous villain. But he is much more than that.

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Kid has shown behaviors consistent with the INFJ personality type. Characters with this personality tend to form strongs bonds with a few individuals, much like Kid and his crew. Kid also strongly believes in his dream of becoming Pirate King and would do anything to protect that dream. staunch determination is yet another trait of characters with the INFJ personality type.


Before being force fed a Smile by Kurozumi Orochi, Killer was a level headed and calm man. But, after consuming the artificial devil fruit, he has fallen to the effects of failed Smiles. Of course, anyone who consumes a Smile that doesn't work automatically lose their ability to express negative emotions.

This makes Killer's current personality a bit hard to pinpoint, but before the changes, Killer showed a pattern of behavious consistent with the INFP personality type. Kid is a hothead and Killer often has to step in as the crew's mediator before things get out of hand. In these circumstances, Killer tends to be composed, which is a trait INFP's often display in critical moments.


Marshall D Teach is currently one of the four Emperors of the Sea, after having enacted his grand plan to take over the world. Teach is regarded as one of One Piece's most patient and dangerous characters, after waiting decades just to enact his master plan.

Teach shows good leadership skills as well as a great ability to properly analyze situations, while also being incredibly adept at predicting future outcomes. At times, Blackbeard shows inconsistent behavior, which has resulted in many fans claiming he has multiple personalities.


Oden Kozuki was a man who greatly despised the established order and, for much of his early life, he fervently fought in order to change the way of life of the Wano Country. Oden was alienated for this behavior but, despite the hate and abuse he received, he kept charging forward, bravely lighting up the path for his retainers.

Oden was a true leader of men who deeply cared for each and every one of his subordinates. This caring nature and carefree lifestyle are indicators of the ENFP type personality.

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