The 10 Funniest Moments In One Piece, Ranked

One Piece is one of the longest-running animanga franchises in recent history. It's also one of, if not the, most popular Shonen Battle anime franchises in the world! Every time someone takes a poll of "the most popular animes/ mangas" of whatever year, One Piece almost always tops the charts.

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Part of the franchise's appeal is the awesome battles that take place in almost every chapter/episode. However, One Piece's off-brand sense of humor is one of the main reasons the series remains so popular. Today, we're going to look at ten of the funniest moments from the franchise. Take head land-lovers, for here there be spoilers!

10 Busting Buggy's Balls

In the more recent story arcs, the Straw Hat Pirates tend to face off against insanely overpowered foes - up to and including straight up deities! But back in the early days of One Piece, Luffy and company typically fought more grounded opponents. Take Buggy the Clown, for example - he can split his body into pieces, but he's no Crocodile or Katakuri.

Still, this crazy clown almost killed Nami back in the day - and probably would've succeeded if Luffy didn't nut-check him! Of all the ways to lose a fight, Buggy lost because he forgot to protect the family jewels. We're surprised the Clown didn't walk with a limp from that point onward!


It's no secret that Luffy isn't the brightest bulb on the tree. He's also not great at being discrete or keeping secrets either - whatever thought bubbles up in Straw Hat's head spews right out of his mouth without getting filtered!

That's why it shouldn't come as a surprise that Luffy nearly got himself and Usopp killed back in the Super Rookies era! While eavesdropping on Kuro and Jango, Luffy blows Usopp's and his cover with this hilarious line. Seems like Monkey D is the captain of obliviousness as well as the Thousand Sunny (RIP Going Merry!)

8 Poor Sandora Dragon

While cementing himself as one of history's greatest bastards, Joseph Stalin once said something along the lines of "Quantity has a quality all its own." Luffy's proven himself to a proponent of this train of thought - he usually wins most fights by force-feeding a buffet of knuckle sandwiches to his enemies!

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Most of the time, we get why Luffy cuts loose like that - he's usually fighting powerful sociopaths that threatened his friends or innocent bystanders. But even Usopp thinks that Luffy, Zoro, and Sanji went too far against this Sandora Dragon. This giant lizard got jumped by three of the best fighters in the series - talk about overkill!

7 When Luffy Met Brook

Jumping ahead into the New World era, we present this gem. Soul King Brook is one of the new allies that eventually joins the Straw Hat Pirates later in the series. Brook also happens to be a walking, talking, singing skeleton - not that different from Jack Skellington, come to think of it.

As we said, Luffy lacks a filter of any kind. We already expected him to say something hysterical the first time he encountered Brook. But when he asked the skeleton "do you poop?" we laughed so hard, we almost ended up like Brook himself!

6 Boa Hancock's Crush On Luffy

Much like Goku and even Naruto, to a degree, Monkey D Luffy only knows how to do two things extremely well - fight and eat. Beyond that, Luffy's not as sharp or socially aware as the average person. When he met Boa Hancock, a woman renowned for her beauty, Luffy had no idea that she had a crush on him!

Conversely, Hancock's so infatuated with Luffy that she can't even think straight! Some of her funniest moments involve her fantasizing about Straw Hat - as well as fighting Namie and Robin! Only time will tell if Luffy reciprocates her feelings.

5 The Pacifista Argument

On the opposite end of the spectrum, we have Zoro and Sanji's rivalry. From the very beginning, Zoro and Sanji always tried to one-up each other. And if they ever fought the same opponent, they'd always argue over who did a better job beating it.

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The Pacifista argument exemplifies precisely what we're talking about - two grown men bickering over who fought better like a couple of schoolboys! Zoro and Sanji's arguments might not be very mature, but they're certainly entertaining to watch.

4 Luffy's Centaur Cosplay

A massive part of Luffy's charm is his childlike curiosity. Most of us lose touch with that part of ourselves as we get older, but Luffy seems like he'll genuinely be forever young. That also means that Luffy will probably keep pulling stunts like this as long as he lives.

Like, the man tied some poor bloke's legs to his body and pretended he was a centaur! Thankfully, the legs could stitch back onto their owner much like Buggy. Still, Luffy ought to be careful when he decides to go cosplaying next time.

3 Afro Luffy vs. Foxy

Speaking of playing dress-up, we've got another entry inspired by Luffy's cosplaying habits. One Piece has plenty of tense, jaw-dropping battles in its catalog. But the series also features plenty of goofy battles to even things out.

Take the fight between Monkey D and Foxy, for instance. Luffy's face, as well as his outfit, says it all. After hearing about "Afro Power" from Usopp, Luffy dons boxing attire and tries to trade blows wit Foxy. But once the Foxy Face Bombs start flying, all bets are off!

2 Chopper's Bounty

We've talked about the highest bounties in the world of One Piece before. However, have you ever wondered who has the lowest? While there's always a chance that Eiichiro Oda could introduce new characters, later on, we know that Tony Tony Chopper has the lowest bounty for the time being.

Early on, it used to be 50 Bellies, but now it's 100. Wow, what a huge difference! Maybe next year, we'll see Chopper's bounty skyrocket to 150 Bellies!

1 Luffy's Imitations

You know that you're close to someone if you can mimic them to a T. Luffy's a sensitive soul as well as a fierce fighter - meaning he's prone to wearing his emotions on his sleeve. If he's angry with you, he'll let you know by pummeling you into unconsciousness.

But if he loves you, he won't hesitate to show affection. Even if that means ribbing on you a little bit. Thanks to his rubber powers, Luffy can physically imitate his friends to a degree. However, it's his crazy personality that makes his imitations so spot on.

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