One Piece: Luffy Serves a Feast... and Starts a War

WARNING: The following article contains spoilers for One Piece, Episode 908, "The Coming of the Treasure Ship! Luffytaro Returns the Favor!"

One Piece continues to explore the Land of Wano in its latest episode. In the aftermath of Luffy's battle with Holdem, things are forever altered. Previously, Zoro and the Straw Hats concocted a plan with Trafalgar D. Water Law, the Surgeon of Death, to overthrow the villainous forces dominating Wano: Kaido. However, this plan required stealth and subtly. Such subtly is ruined when Luffy and friends beat up one of the three Headliners enforcing the Shogun's oppressive agenda, all while stealing a gigantic carriage full of fresh food.

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With Luffy and friends now charging out of Bakura Town with enough food to feed an empire, Trafalgar and Zoro look close to blows -- all while Luffy goes off in search of some "important thing."



O-Tama, grateful to Speed, one of the three Headliners, for submitting to her magic will, gives the half-woman/half-horse a carrot as a token of thanks. All the while, Trafalgar yells at Zoro for making a scene. Zoro was supposed to remain in the capital, not come this far, but, as Zoro explains, he had no choice as Luffy brought him there. This coupled with Speed, a Headliner, being on board the ship, upsets Trafalgar.

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Luffy has, by this point, already run off to grab water from several sentries. The water is there to serve as an offering to the Shogun, but Luffy, either not caring or deliberately out to steal from the corrupt authorities, swipes the literally swimming-pool sized water basin, sprinting from rooftop to rooftop with it over his head.

This culminates with all the food being brought to the poorer neighborhoods of Wano. Up until this point, the Shogun had prevented the civilians from being able to eat healthy food as their supplies were poisoned by toxic waste. For the first time in 20 years, the civilians are able to feast on clean food.


Multiple members of the Shogun's men, including the Batman from before, come charging in to steal the food back. Luffy, however, subdues them by dropping the bucket of water on their heads. He, of course, doesn't spill a drop of it, since he understands that the clean water is necessary for the people to both hydrate themselves and irrigate their town.

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Luffy also hands O-Tama an apple -- a personal token of thanks for feeding him when he had nothing all that time ago. She becomes the first to take part in a huge feast, one that Luffy himself happily takes part in as well, seeming to be intent on making this sort of lifestyle the standard for Wano.

This reminds O-Tama of Ace, who wanted to return to bring Wano to its glory, which only serves to make O-Tama idolize Luffy -- Ace's brother -- even more.


While the town celebrates, Trafalgar tries to show Luffy that what he's doing is an open rebellion against Wano, as does Zoro. Trafalgar then declares they need to travel up to Oden Castle.

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The inevitability of war is made more clear when we cut back to Bakura Town, where the town has circled around the unconscious Holdem. Holdem's lion belly wakes up long before the man attached does. This leaves Hawkins, the remaining Headliner, to pick up the pieces. He updates his superiors on the situation, leaving it uncertain how the Shogun and Kaido might react.

Before setting off, Luffy makes sure O-Tama is carried to protection by Speed, who, while still refusing to ever listen to Luffy, remains devoted to O-Tama. She promises to give Luffy an apple when Luffy returns. The poverty-stricken population sees Luffy off before he can ascend the mountain, thanking him for all that he's done so far (though Trafalgar seems annoyed by this).

As Luffy, Zoro, Trafalgar and Ochiko set off on the giant monster, Trafalgar explains that, since their last meeting, he's concocted a plan: Oden Castle is a devastated ruin, and, before they can continue to enact Trafalgar's plan, they need to see the "Ghosts of Wano."

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