One Piece's Big Bads Converge on Bakura Town

WARNING: The following article contains spoilers for One Piece, Episode 904, "Luffy Rages! Rescue O-Tama from Danger!"

Luffy is one step closer to saving O-Tama after the last episode. Luffy has been hot on O-Tama's trail ever since the villainous Holdem snatched her away, hoping to use her and her unusual ability to turn chunks of her cheek meat into food. This took Luffy into Bakura Town with Zoro and O-Kiku the samurai.

In Episode 903, Luffy engaged in a brutal sumo wrestling match that resulted in entire buildings toppling over. The fight drew the attention of everyone in town, including Holdem, who was struck over the head with a colossal sumo wrestler.

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O-Tama appears to have escaped from the ruins of the mansion, but it didn't look like she'd get far before Holdem would rise again.

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Luffy didn't waste time shouting at the entire town, demanding they bring out their boss to him. Casting no illusion over his intent, he declared that he came to Bakura Town to save O-Tama -- in typical Luffy fashion. Of course, the town ran as fast as possible.

This is in part because another familiar villain, Hawkins, who received a constant stream of information about the goings-on, warned people they'd be no match against Luffy. Still, a few henchmen, apparently, didn't get the memo, because they converge on Luffy. Luffy, wielding the super cursed sword in one hand (yet choosing his fists as his primary weapon), charged right at them. Zoro and O-Kiku join in shortly after, with Zoro assuring O-Kiku that he feels no need to protect O-Kiku, seeing how well she can defend herself.

O-Kiku seems a little nervous at first fighting, but, once she drew her sword, she was able to cleave through the men three at a time. Though, not to be outdone, Zoro manages to blow away a couple of dozen with a few slashes.

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The chaos becomes so obvious that even in the neighboring colonies, where the poor starve and struggle to survive, they can see something going crazy.

But while the neighboring towns become poisoned by toxic waste, the shogun manages to dwell in Paradise Farm, an ecosystem perfectly preserved for the rich to feast. The poor till and harvest crops, while the Shogun and his men underpay them. It's these men, who abuse the underprivileged populace of the Land of Wano, that Luffy and the others cleave through.

And, after minutes of fighting, these oppressors end up dead or broken at Luffy's feet. It is only once every attacker is on the floor that they notice a fire has broken out at the edge of town -- or, rather, the debris from Holdem's broken tower finally floats into the air. O-Tama, it seems, was unable to draw herself away from the wreckage before Holdem snatched her away, holding her down as he rises up from under the mass of the very sumo wrestler who knocked his house down.

Holding O-Tama in his grasp as fires rise up, he tries to figure out who knocked his house down. It doesn't take long for Luffy to find him first -- all the while mispronouncing Holdem's name, calling him "Ball-de-boo," because of course, Luffy doesn't actually know the identity of the person he's come to fight. This detail seems to seriously tick-off Holdem.

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Around this time, a new individual, Speed, enters Bakura Town looking for food. Speed is a centaur creature and is a Headliner (a high authority in Wano) just like Hawkins and Holdem.

When she enters, she finds Holdem's tower on fire. Concerned and confused -- despite claiming she can see 350 degrees around her -- she only then starts to notice that the entire town is in ruins. On the whole, she seems relatively clueless.

However, she can't get any clarification from Holdem, since he, clamping O-Tama between the jaws of his lion belly, arrives on the scene to fight Luffy. Holdem just is infuriated by the level of disrespect Luffy has shown him thus far -- mispronouncing his name and destroying his house. It's a lot to take in over the course of seconds.

However, Holdem, as these few seconds pass, concludes that Luffy and the gang have arrived due to some affiliation with Shutenmaru the Thief, someone who Luffy... doesn't know, but O-Kiku does. But Holdem holds control over Luffy by threatening to eat O-Tama at any second, keeping her firmly clamped in the lion belly's mouth.

All the while, Hawkins warns his men to stand-by as he enters Bakura Town. The three Headliners converge on the same town, all coming to the same location as Luffy readies himself to fight Holdem for O-Tama's life.

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