One Piece: Luffy Tries Sumo Wrestling

WARNING: Spoilers for One Piece Episode 903: "A Climactic Sumo Battle! Straw Hat vs. the Strongest Ever Yokozuna!"

Luffy, Zoro and Okiku are hot on Otama's trail on One Piece, diving into Bakura Town with the intent of saving the girl from the villainous Holdem. However, along the way, they found themselves caught up in a sumo wrestling tournament. The champion, Urashima, had convinced himself that Okiku, the samurai girl turned tea server, was willing to marry him. After Okiku publicly humiliated the champion by cutting off his topknot, the sumo wrestler turned his fists in her direction, ready to pummel her in front of his adoring fans.

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That's when Luffy dived in, protecting Okiku by catching Urashima's fist before it could land. Luffy has pulled himself out of messes before, but this one will pit him against one of the mightiest of the Shogun's henchmen: a titanic sumo wrestler who can send heavy opponents flying through the sky.

The Fight

The collision of Urashima's sumo slap and Luffy's matching strike creates a shock wave powerful enough to shake the town. However, after minutes of struggling, Urashima is forced back a pace before the force knocked both to the edge of the ring. They flail trying to regain balance -- and, after a minute of arm waving and wild muttering, regain their stance.

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Urashima admits that if he doesn't rip Okiku to bits in public, he'd lose public face. Luffy hears this, and sees a chance to fight someone: Urashima he can beat up Okiku if he can get past Luffy first. And, technically, Luffy is undefeated (although he's really never wrestled anyone other than Usopp).

The two engage, with Luffy speeding around every one of Urashima's strikes. However, while Luffy dodges his blows, he hesitates to land any strikes of his own. In his evasion, Luffy ends up at the far end of the ring, forcing him to block rather than just keep dancing back. He matches Urashima, intercepting each strike with enough force to stagger Urashima. Only then does Luffy attempt to throw the sumo back, grabbing hold of his belt and pushing.

"Throwing the Match"

Urashima grabs Luffy and throws him, causing him to exposes his Gum-Gum Powers by pulling himself back. Enraged, Urashima unleashes a flurry of illegal blows, and tries to gouge out Luffy's eyes. But Urashima prides himself on being the greatest yokozuna (wrestler) in Wano.

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Urashima throws a temper tantrum about how Okiku turned him down, and divesin a rage at Luffy, who seems undisturbed by the sumo wrestler's obvious anger issues -- perhaps because Luffy feels confident in his victory.

News of the match reaches Holdem, who's still in the process of prying off Otama's cheek meat. Holdem doesn't seem to care. While Otama begs for mercy, Holdem recalls hearing Otama mention the Kozuki Clan of Ninjas, a crime he finds "offensive." According to him, the Kozuki Clan tried to destroy Wano two decades earlier.

Kicking it Up a Gear

Urashima dives in with a final strike, but Luffy, now using his Hardening technique, swats aside the strike. Enlarging his fist to gargantuan size, he unleashes one strike, swatting Urashima with one hand, before projecting the sumo, sending him flying through multiple buildings across Bakura Town -- and straight through Holdem's roof, sending him crashing down on the villain just as he attempts to pry off a piece of Otama's cheek. Otama is sent tumbling out of the building as the whole tower falls on Holdem. Luffy, seemingly unaware, cheers for his victory to the crowd. Zoro observes they probably drew attention of their targets with this fight.

However, then someone in town notices Zoro is the wanted criminal who killed the Magistrate. Neither Luffy nor Zoro is disturbed by this, even as tensions spring up in the town. Luffy shouts for everyone to bring out the boss of this town, while Zoro and Okiku arm themselves.

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