One Piece: Meet the World's Greatest Bounty Hunter

WARNING: The following article contains spoilers for Episode 895 of One Piece, "Special Edition! The Strongest Bounty Hunter Cidre."

Up until this point in One Piece's Wano Country Arc, Luffy and the gang have been getting accustomed to the Land of Wano, with its feudal Japan aesthetic, rivers poisoned by industrial waste, assassination attempts, fraudulent accusations of murder, and, of course, edible cheek meat.

But this 895th episode breaks away from all that in order to tell an important side-story: We're putting aside Wano for a tie-in for the upcoming movie, One Piece: Stampede. "Special Edition! The Strongest Bounty Hunter Cidre" moves from Wano to a cola factory (yes, that kind of cola) so fans can learn about Cidre, who, as the title assures, is the world's strongest bounty hunter.

Ring, Ring, Ring

The episode opens with an enigmatic "phone call" made via snail. The bounty hunter, Cidre, is called to attend the Pirate Fest -- an enigmatic event held every few years in an unknown location -- because the Demon Heir, Douglas Bullet, will be in attendance. Bullet is supposed to be one of the worst pirates around, which is enough to motivate Cidre to attend.

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As if the bounty hunter needed more motivation, the Pirate Fest will attract several other high-ranking pirates to one location. If you were to add up their bounties, they would equal 10 billion. The Straw Hat Pirates alone total over 1.5 billion. But Cidre claims they won't be able to make it, because he's already pushing Luffy and friends to the Wall.

Carbonated Water Assailants

We then cut to the Thousand Sunny. The Straw Hat Pirates are pursued by flying assailants pursuing them. But while they're able to cut hundreds down, new attackers seem to replace them.

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The assailants, it turns out, are bounty hunters sent by Cidre to eradicate the pirates. Each of them wields its own variety of weapons, from concentrated water pistols to explosive rockets. However, all of their tech is built around carbonated water and cola pressure.

Cidre is told not to kill the Straw Hats, as they're a major draw for Pirate Fest. But Cidre, determined to wipe out all pirates, refuses to relent in his attack. It doesn't matter, however, as the Thousand Sunny launches into the air by building up tension in their carbonated water supplies. The propellant force throws the ship through the air like a rocket.

Damaged Sunny

They escape, but the Thousand Sunny is visibly damaged. While they try to make repairs, they stop at a remote island filled with hot springs. They freshen up, recover from the fight, and restock their supplies. The island, however, isn't remote.

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The island is full of carbonated water, which they require to make a getaway again. In search of cola in particular, Luffy is led by an enigmatic woman on a hippo to a cola factory ... owned by the Cidre Guild. The same people who almost sank the Thousand Sunny.


En route to the factory, Luffy runs into Ginger, the leader of the assassins sent after him. An immediate fight breaks out, which ends when Ginger sends Luffy hurdling into rapids below. Being unable to swim, Luffy is carried by the water down a pipe and into a hot spring pool where Boa Hancock, the Pirate Princess, happens to be relaxing.

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Upon hearing that, Cidre hatches a spontaneous attempt to eradicate the Straw Hats and Pirate Princess in one go. Ginger and his assassins break through Hancock's defenses in order to kill the Princess and frame Luffy. However, the assassination attempt fails when Luffy protects Hancock. The two make short work of the assassins, using their abilities (and Hancock's bare breasts) to subdue their attackers.

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Ginger is left defenseless against the two pirates, which forces him to unleash the full force of his carbonated arsenal -- poisonous cola gas that would have choked the life out of the pirates if they couldn't just escape on their own.

Assault on the Cola Factory

Luffy and Hancock reach Cidre's stronghold at the cola factory, almost entirely unharmed. Hancock mentions how she had hoped to run into Luffy at the Pirate Fest. Despite being expected to go, Luffy had no idea about Pirate Fest until Hancock told him about it.

However, before Luffy can get excited, Cidre attacks, using his carbonated weapons to break a hole in the mountain side. With Luffy and Hancock cornered and no cola on sale for pirates, it almost seems that Luffy and Hancock will be defenseless against the incoming assault.

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