One Piece Introduces a Character Who ... Makes Food From Her Face

WARNING: The following article contains spoilers for Episode 893 of One Piece, "O-Tama Appears - Luffy vs. Kaido's Army!"

Following the insane escapades of the past few episodes -- riding waterfalls, fighting samurai, drowning -- One Piece finally stops to explain crucial details. How did Luffy survive drowning? What happened to the rest of the Straw Hat Pirates? How did Luffy wash up on that beach?

"O-Tama Appears - Luffy vs. Kaido's Army!" explains it all, while also including giant-animal sword fights, Zoro slaughtering samurai, and a new character who makes mind-blowing organic food ... from her flesh.

How Did Luffy Survive?

At the start of the episode, we learn the fates of the Straw Hat Pirates. Two episodes ago, they rode the Thousand Merry up a waterfall, but, once cresting, they descended into a whirlpool. Their fates remained unknown until this episode.

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Sanji, it turns out, saved the crew by volunteering to carry them out of the whirlpool's grasps. With his incredibly powerful legs, he had no difficulty bounding off-deck. But to offer Sanji a sufficient bounce to his step, Luffy inflated himself so his belly could be used as a trampoline. Luffy would have off after them, if not for an octopus, which ensnared him before he could fly away. He and the Thousand Merry were carried off by the current, and deposited onto shore.

Luffy's War

Luffy wakes up to two giant animals engaged in a sword fight, before quickly running into a set of soldiers riding a dinosaur, with a young hostage in a bag, and eager to take Luffy as a slave. But their attempts to shoot him fail when Luffy dodges their bullets and kicks them down.

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It turns out, however, that one of the two giant animals -- a massive, sword-wielding baboon -- is in league with the soldiers, who pit him against Luffy. This results in Luffy staring down the baboon. But before the soldiers can retaliate, their young hostage breaks free and offers a long enough distraction for Luffy to finish them off.

The Newest Character is a Beast Tamer

The hostage is a girl named O-Tama, who initially views Luffy as a threat. However, upon realizing Luffy is on her side, she plucks off a piece of her cheek, which materializes as food, and feeds it to the baboon. That immediately tames the beast.

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Apparently, O-Tamahad set out to tame the baboon, as she feels a strong sense of accomplishment. We learn the other animal that fought the baboon, a giant dog creature, was previously tamed by O-Tama. We have yet to know why O-Tama wants to tame beasts, why those soldiers held her hostage, how she can create beast-taming food from her flesh, or much of anything else -- other than she comes from Kuri, a region of Wano.

Zoro vs. Samurai

All the while, Zoro finishes his struggle with the samurai. While Zoro was falsely accused of being the Slasher, murdering the town magistrate -- the real Slasher -- is an actual crime. That results in the town's samurai converging on him.

Armed with only a short sword and regular samurai sword, Zoro struggles. However, once he reclaims his three blades and fights in his typical Three-Swords Style, he demolishes everyone in a literal hurricane formed in the wake of his strikes.

With the whole of Wano hunting Zoro, he responds by relaxing under a bridge, drinking sake. However, all of his friends now in hiding are more than a little anxious that Zoro might have blown their cover.

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