One Piece Enters Wano Country For Pirates vs. Samurai Action

WARNING: The following article contains spoilers for Episode 892 of One Piece, "Wano Country! To the Land of Samurai Where Cherry Blossoms Flutter."

One Piece is the most famous anime series about pirates, but the new Wano Country Arc blends the genres a bit. The latest episode, "Wano Country! To the Land of Samurai Where Cherry Blossoms Flutter," takes place in a society heavily inspired by feudal Japan -- and it goes all in on that aesthetic. If you wanted to see the Straw Hat Pirates cosplay characters straight out of a samurai film, this episode has you covered.

But that's only part of the joy. The episode begins with the characters settling into new roles, but the second half features the core appeal of this new arc: samurai vs. pirates. Roronoa Zoro is pitted against an entire city's worth of samurai -- and this is only the start of the fight.

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New Roles

The story begins in medias res, with half of the Straw Hats in roles waiting for the rest of their crew to arrive (they're sinking in a whirlpool as a result of last episode). Zoro, Usopp, Franky and Robin play the traditional roles of a ronin, oil salesman, carpenter and geisha, respectfully.

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To avoid being detected by the Shogun Kurozumi Orochi (an ally of primary antagonist Kaido), these four have to pretend to be traditional Wano citizens. Everything goes nicely ... until Zoro is framed for murder.

The Slasher

Wano Country has an insidious slasher who goes around killing innocent citizens. Zoro stumbles upon a victim, and attempts to lead the police in pursuit of the criminal. However, the authorities conclude that Zoro is actually the slasher. However, it turns out the true criminal is the city's magistrate, who has been slicing open citizens to test his own strength. Zoro is accused by the magistrate, and sentenced to commit seppuku -- ritual suicide by disembowelment -- while the real slasher steals Zoro's legendary weapons.

Don't Tell Zoro to Commit Seppuku

Zoro accepts the short blade used for seppuku, but rather than turn it on himself, he slashes the air with the knife, creating a shock wave strong enough to strike the magistrate straight through, cutting his chest wide open without actually making contact.

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When all the samurai in attendance turn on Zoro to defend their lord, he fights back. First, he cleaves through them with the short sword before stealing a blade off one of his victims, unleashing an all-out brawl in which he carves through swordsmen by the dozen. However, without his three swords (and one sword too small and without a grip), his chances seem less certain. Unfortunately, the episode ends before the fight concludes.

Oh, and Luffy Survived Drowning

Remember how Luffy was drowning in a whirlpool in the previous episode? This one ends with him and his ship washing ashore. He's alive and safe, but his crew's fate remains uncertain. With Zoro now falling under Kaido's scope, Luffy will need to collect the Straw Hat Pirates, reach Wano, and stand beside their friend if the swordsman has any chance of victory.

But the episode closes with some a furry creature charging at him, running away from a sword fight with some unknown presence in the nearby woods.

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