One Piece: 5 Characters Who Will Unlock Conqueror's Haki (& 5 Characters Who Won't)

Conqueror's Haki is one of the most impressive abilities that we've seen in the One Piece world. Arguably the strongest of all Haki types, conqueror's haki is something that a person is born with. It cannot be achieved even by the most rigorous of training if one doesn't possess it from birth.

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This ability is found in very few people, mostly pirates. Those who possess the conqueror's haki exhibit the qualities of a King. Once mastered, conqueror's haki can be used to impose one's will over others, which renders those with a weak will unconscious. In this post, we'll mention five characters who will unlock conqueror's haki in the future, and five more who won't.

10 Will Unlock: Roronoa Zoro

The combatant of the Strawhat Pirates, Roronoa Zoro ranks second in the crew behind Luffy when it comes to strength. Being the right-hand man of the future Pirate King, Zoro has had to train his skill with a sword to its absolute limits.

Often, it's been noticed that the Strawhats mirror the crew of Gol D. Roger to a certain extent. Thus, it is not too difficult to imagine that Roronoa Zoro will unlock conqueror's haki at some point in the future, just as Rayleigh did as the right-hand man of Roger himself.

9 Won't Unlock: Smoker

Also known as the 'White Chase,' Smoker is a Vice Admiral of the Navy. His priority was once to stop pirates from entering the Grand Line. However, since Luffy got past him, he's sworn to chase him to the ends of the world.

Strong as he is, Smoker works under a corrupt world government, and hence can never exhibit the qualities of a King. His own sense of justice may be righteous, but with his lack of ambition, it is hard to imagine a Marine of Smoker's caliber will grasp control over a power as magnificent as conqueror's haki.

8 Will Unlock: Vinsmoke Sanji

The chef of the Strawhats, Vinsmoke Sanji isn't too far behind Zoro when it comes to combat ability. Just like Zoro, Sanji is an integral cog in the crew that Luffy deems irreplaceable. A royalty of the North Blue, Sanji has the blood of a King running through his veins.

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As such, his chances of being born with the qualities of a King are significantly boosted. Sanji's goal of finding the All Blue also requires him to do something that nobody has ever done before, akin to Luffy's goal of becoming the Pirate King, so him unlocking conqueror's haki isn't out of the question.

7 Won't Unlock: Coby

Coby started his journey on the seas by being forced by Alvida to become a chore boy. Thankfully, Luffy came along and freed him from her clutches. Ever since then, Coby has evolved drastically as a character, and today, he holds the position of Rear Admiral in the Navy.

However, Coby works under evil officials and does the bidding of the celestial dragons to a certain extent, just like all other Marines. It's no wonder that the Marines don't usually have conqueror's haki, and just like everyone else, it is highly unlikely for Coby to awaken conqueror's haki.

6 Will Unlock: Trafalgar Law

The surgeon of death, and the captain of the Heart Pirates, Trafalgar Law hails from North Blue and is deemed as one of the most ruthless pirates ever. At Sabaody Archipelago, Law was one of the three main highlights, along with Luffy and Kid.

Over the time skip, Law has amassed a bounty of 500 million berries, and he infamously broke the gears of the New World, sending the era into total chaos. A man of Law's stature is bound to unlock conqueror's haki at some point in the future of the story. Furthermore, Law is also a rival to Luffy and Kid, both of whom are stated to have conqueror's haki, so it only makes sense if he does as well.

5 Won't Unlock: Killer

Killer, also known as the massacre soldier, is one of the members of the Worst Generation in One Piece. Along with Roronoa Zoro, he is the only non-captain to be included in the worst generation, and his skills aptitude for combat makes him very powerful.

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His display has been reasonably impressive throughout the series, but at Wano, Killer's will was completely broken by Kaido, which is the last thing that someone who has conqueror's haki can allow to happen to himself. He's a broken man now, and it's hard to imagine that he'll get a power that flexes will over others when his own will is broken.

4 Will Unlock: Usopp

The sniper of the Strawhat Pirates, Usopp is one of the most noteworthy characters in the series. With each step that he takes, Usopp gets closer to his goal of becoming a brave warrior of the sea. His actions at Dressrosa saw him amass a bounty of 200 million berries, which shows how far he's come since the start of the series.

Moreover, Usopp's lies tend to come true very often, and at Dressrosa, he lied that he possesses conqueror's haki. I think it's safe to say that Oda could very well make this into a reality like so many of his other lies as well.

3 Won't Unlock: Basil Hawkins

Known throughout the new world as the 'Magician,' Basil Hawkins is one of the members of the worst generation, and also one of the most feared pirates in the series. Hawkins' actions have seen him become a massive threat to the world government, who have now slapped a bounty of 320 million on his head.

He is currently working under the Yonko of the sea, Kaido, as he gave up his goal of dethroning the Emperors. He submitted to another pirate stronger than him, which makes him unworthy of having a power as great as conqueror's haki.

2 Will Unlock: Momonosuke

Momonosuke is the son of Kozuki Oden, the former daimyō of the Kuri region of Wano. He has traveled 20 years ahead in the future to defeat the tyrant Kaido who is currently terrorizing Wano. He may be just a kid, but being a member of the fabled Kozuki clan, and the son of Oden, it won't surprise anyone if he were to awaken conqueror's haki.

Oden himself had the ability to use this haki form as well, which boosts Momonosuke's chances of using it in the future even further. Once he grows up and takes over the reins to Wano, he'll undoubtedly become a formidable samurai and possibly unlock conqueror's haki as well.

1 Won't Unlock: Shiryu

Shiryu was a former head jailer of Impel Down and was recruited by Blackbeard during his raid on the world government stronghold. He's an able swordsman and wields the blade known as Raiu. Undoubtedly, Shiryu is an unyielding fighter, and with his newly acquired clear-clear fruit, he becomes even more formidable.

But, he certainly doesn't fit the billing of a man with a King's ambition. Shiryu fits the Blackbeard Pirates' theme of stealing powers from others. His strength doesn't come from his ambition but from his cruelty. He is very unlikely to get his hands on such a force in the series.

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