One Piece: 5 Characters Sanji Can Beat (& 5 He Can't)

Sanji is a prince of the Germa Kingdom, and a member of the Vinsmoke Family in One Piece. His father, Vinsmoke Judge, wanted to make him into an emotionless weapon, however, his attempts were thwarted by his wife, Sora. Living most of his early life in misery, Sanji escaped from the place and abandoned his 'Vinsmoke' name forever.

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After meeting Red-Leg Zeff, Sanji grew strong enough to set out on his path to find the All Blue, along with Monkey D. Luffy, whose own goal is to become the Pirate King. With a bounty of 330 million berries, Sanji has now become a formidable pirate. Here are 5 characters that Sanji can beat and five that he can't.

10 Can Beat: Smoker

Smoker is a Marine Vice-Admiral, being promoted to this position over the two-year time-skip. As a Vice Admiral, he's strong enough to use two haki types in kenbunshoku and busoshoku haki. Smoker also possesses a logia type of devil fruit called Moku Moku no Mi, which allows him to turn his body into smoke at will, and control it accordingly.

Smoker is powerful, but the same goes for Sanji. Sanji's observation haki is certainly something that gives him the edge over Smoker. Moreover, with his newly acquired Raid Suit, he has improved vastly, and will likely defeat the Vice-Admiral without too much trouble.

9 Can't Beat: Boa Hancock

Also known as the Pirate Empress, Boa Hancock is the Empress of Amazon Lily, and she also leads the mighty Kuja Pirates. Hancock is a veteran pirate, and just after one voyage, a bounty of 80 million berries was put on her head. Right now, she's one of the strongest characters in the series.

Strong as Sanji is, he is not at a level where he can match Hancock yet. It'll take him some time to get there, but even if he does get there, Sanji's moral code doesn't allow him to fight women. Consequently, this is a fight that Sanji can never win.

8 Can Beat: Page One

Page One is one of the Beasts' Pirates Tobi Roppo, or the Flying Six. He's a very dangerous pirate who has eaten the Ryu Ryu no Mi, Model: Spinosaurus devil fruit. This devil fruit is an Ancient Zoan that allows him to transform into a Spinosaurus. Even though Page One is impressive, he's still weaker than Sanji by quite a margin. At the Flower Capital of Wano Country, the two finally clashed, and Sanji used his Raid Suit for the first time.

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Interestingly, there was a major power gap between the two, as Sanji was absolutely dominating him in combat, and he managed to defeat him without so much as received a single scratch. Needless to say, Page One can't hope of beating Sanji now that he's much stronger than before.

7 Can't Beat: Monkey D. Luffy

Luffy is one of the most fearsome pirates in the New World right now, and recently, he was even given the title of the 'Fifth Yonko'. As the Captain of the Strawhat Pirates, it's no surprise that Luffy is stronger than every other member of his crew, including Sanji.

Even though Sanji beat him at Whole Cake Island (with a heavy heart), it was only possible because Luffy didn't fight back at all. If the two were to ever go all-out against each other, Sanji's chances of winning are almost as good as none. With Luffy's newly acquired future-sight haki, and ryuuou, Sanji isn't much of a match for him, just like all his other crewmates.

6 Can Beat: Charlotte Oven

Charlotte Oven is a veteran of the Big Mom Pirates, and the triplet brother of Katakuri, and Daifuku. He possesses a 300 million berries bounty, which shows how skilled he is as a pirate. Oven possesses the paramecia Netsu Netsu no Mi, which gives him the ability to produce heat and control it accordingly.

He's a strong fighter, but he's slow, and that's where Sanji has him beat. At Whole Cake Island, Sanji blitzed him and broke his collar bone without him even realizing what hit him. What's more, Sanji is now far stronger than he was back then, so if the two fight again, Sanji would make quick work of the Big Mom Pirates veteran.

5 Can't Beat: Kizaru

One of the Navy's most terrifying members, Kizaru holds the rank of an Admiral, the mere name of which sends shivers down most of the pirates' spines in the One Piece world. Along with his tremendous haki, Kizaru also possesses the logia type Pika Pika no Mi, which allows him to transform into, create, and manipulate light according to his will. Since he can manipulate light, he's also as fast as light itself, which makes him a troublesome enemy for those without observation haki.

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Thankfully, Sanji is well-versed in using this skill, so he won't have trouble keeping up with him. However, the difference in the skill and experience between the two is vast at this time. Sanji has no chance of defeating Kizaru right now, but one day he'll surely surpass him.

4 Can Beat: Vinsmoke Ichiji

Also known as 'Sparking Red', Vinsmoke Ichiji is quite possibly the strongest of the Germa 66, aside from Judge. He's a scientifically modified human, so superhuman strength, speed and powers come naturally to him. With his Raid Suit, he's strong enough to fight against the Big Mom Pirate veterans, and as such, he's a decent match for Sanji.

While Sanji did get beat up by him and all his other brothers, he is undoubtedly stronger than them. Sanji's new Raid Suit takes him a step ahead of his brothers now, but even without it, he's more than capable of defeating Ichiji in combat.

3 Can't Beat: Scopper Gaban

Gaban was the left-hand man of the Pirate King, Gol D. Roger, and presumably one of the most influential pirates of his era. Little is known about how strong Gaban is, or if he's even alive, for that matter. However, just like Rayleigh, Scopper Gaban is likely a monster in combat.

He's undoubtedly levels above Sanji for now, and the latter needs more experience to be able to reach the same stature as him. If the two fight, Gaban's experience and knowledge in things like haki will gift him the victory. Towards the end of the series, Sanji will surely have surpassed Gaban in terms of power, but that's still a long way off.

2 Can Beat: Vinsmoke Judge

Judge, the father of Sanji, is a capable fighter, known throughout the world as the 'Garuda'. Just like his sons, he dons a Raid Suit which amplifies his powers manifold. Judge was able to fight on par with the former Sweet Commander Snack of the Big Mom Pirates.

Despite this, he doesn't have what it takes to beat Sanji. While the two fought back at Whole Cake Island, Sanji was severely holding back and was disgusted at his father's usage of humans as meat shields. If Sanji does fight Judge, regardless of what troubles he'll face, he's likely going to pull through.

1 Can't Beat: Queen

Queen is one of the three right-hand men of Kaido, who are known as the Calamities. Also known as 'Queen the Plague', he's a vile pirate who loves torturing his opponents and killing them slowly with the toxic weapons that he invents. Queen possesses an astronomical bounty of 1.32 billion berries, which indicates how big of a threat he is to the World Government.

Even though Queen is most likely destined to be defeated by Sanji at the end of the Wano Country arc, right now is a different story altogether. Sanji isn't strong enough to beat him in a fight at the moment and will need more power-ups to pull off such a big achievement.

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