One Piece: 5 Characters Luffy Can Beat & 5 He Can't

"Straw Hat " Luffy is the fastest rising rookie pirate in the One Piece world having racked up a bounty of 1.5 billion in just two years. A man known for his bravery and recklessness Luffy does not hesitate to dive in, headfirst, to achieve his goal.

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Luffy grew up in Foosha village and this is where he met the future Yonko Shanks who inspired him to become a pirate. This is also where Shanks handed off the Pirate King’s straw hat. Upon receiving this Luffy proclaimed that he would gather up a crew even stronger than the Red Hair Pirates and become the King of pirates.


Legend has it that’s Kaido is the Strongest Creature alive and Luffy more than most understands this after being taken out by a single hit from the King of Beast. In his last fight against Kaido Luffy used the deadliest moves in his arsenal but none could do anything against Kaido’s seemingly impenetrable scales. Since then Luffy has buckled down and trained hard, in his training he’s developed a technique that can bypass an opponent's physical defenses. With this new skill set Luffy believes he stands a chance against Kaido. If Luffy is to ever win against Kaido he will need a lot of outside help because as the people say “If it’s one versus one Kaido wins.


Luffy and Rob Lucci were always destined to butt heads at some point in time. This owing to Luffy continuously gathering notoriety and Lucci being a government dog hell-bent on carrying out the World Government’s orders to the letter. The two had a final showdown at the judicial island Ennies Lobby and fans witnessed one of the best fights since the series inception. A buster call meant that both parties needed to end the fight as quickly as possible so they would have time to escape. At the climax of the battle Luffy musters up enough energy use his Gomu-Gomu no Jet Gatling which finally puts Lucci down.


The newest Emperor of the sea after taking over a number of Whitebeard's territories. Teach is a devious man that the world must keep in check because if they don’t he could wreak havoc. The holder of two of the most deadly devil fruits in the One piece world. With the Quake-Quake fruit, Blackbeard hold the power to destroy the world in one hand and with the Dark-Dark fruit,he holds the power to consume everything in his path. These powers and Blackbeard’s cunning mind means that if he and Luffy were to go head to head that he would come out on top.


Gecko Moria and Luffy went against each other back in the thriller Bark arc before the timeskip. After having his shadow stolen by Moriah using his Shadow-Shadow Luffy has to resort to implanting the shadows of others in order to become strong enough to fight both Oars and Moria. This saw the debut of nightmare Luffy , a bulkier and more powerful version of Luffy. The Warlord of the see replied in kind by using his Shadow Asgard technique which made him huge. Luffy the used this to his advantage as Moriah had become a bigger target and the Warlord was finally defeated. Luffy has only grown in strength since the meaning Moria would probably run rather than attempt to fight him at his current level.

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Emperor of the Sea Red Hair Shanks is the man who set Luffy on his journey to be a pirate and they are fated to meet when Luffy becomes a great pirate. This was decided when Shanks handed his straw hat to Luffy. Luffy plans on defeating all the Yonko on his way to becoming pirate King and his duel with Shanks is probably the one he's looking most forward to. Shanks's status as a Yonko means that most rookie pirates are mere flies to him as Eustass Kid found out when he lost his arm to Shanks. Luffy is strong but at this point, Shanks could easily deal with him.


In many eras, Doflamgingo and Luffy might not have ended up crossing paths in such a direct manner. But since the moment Luffy joined an alliance with Law it set him on a direct course to Doflamingo. Though the two only met in Dressrosa their fight represents a battle that has been going on since the void century. This battle being the D clans battle against the Celestial Dragons. Luffy is a man hell-bent on being the freest man on the sea and the moment Doflamingo used his bird caged sealed his own fate. Luffy will not allow anyone to make him feel trapped and after feeling stifled in Doflamingo’s birdcage he breaks his own limits before breaking several dozen of the Warlords bones.


Big Mom is one of the most experienced pirates living on the seas in this, the New age of piracy. Big Mom spent much of her former years as a member of one of history's strongest pirate crews; the Rocks pirates. Under the tutelage of one of histories most dangerous men, Big Mom blossomed into the monster she is now. The Yonko can be likened to natural disasters because when enraged everything in their path gets destroyed. Luffy has challenged Big Mom on several occasions but as he found out during Whole Cake Island, it is one thing to challenge a Yonko but it is a completely different thing to beat one.

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Crocodile was the main antagonist during the Alabasta arc after trying to take over the Kingdom of Alabasta. Crocodile is usually a calm and composed customer but Luffy’s will to fight for his friends pissed him off and this threw Crocodile off his usual game. No matter what Crocodile threw at Luffy the boy would simply not give up and when faced with this Crocodile did not know how to react. It was far too late when the Warlord finally realized he was getting caught up in Luffy’s pace and before the Warlord knew it he was down on out. Since then Crocodile has found his mojo but Luffy still holds the upper hand between these two.


Dracule “Hawkeye” Mihawk is the World's Strongest Swordsman, this means Luffy would be in a particularly precarious position were they to go up against each other. This is due to Luffy’s susceptibility to bladed attacks. Back in Marineford Luffy hesitated before attacking Mihawk because he feared he might get his arm cut off. In terms of style, Luffy is at a major disadvantage because his attacks often require him to stretch his arm and doing that would only give Mihawk an easier target, as such Mihawk takes this battle.


In many ways, Luffy and Enel can be considered natural enemies. Enel is a man who sees himself as an all-powerful God who should dominate and rule over others while Luffy is a pirate chasing his dream of being King in order to be the freest man on the seas. On top of this Enel and Luff’s devil fruit powers are natural enemies given that rubber doesn’t conduct electricity making Enel’s fruit ineffective against Luffy. This gives Luffy and window of opportunity which he makes full use of to defeat the God of Skypeia. Since then Enel has been on the moon and Luffy has been gaining even more infamy. If the two should meet again the battle would be intense but Luffy devil fruit means he’d be the most likely victor.

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