One Piece: 10 Amazing Nami Cosplay That Look Just Like The Anime

It's hard to believe One Piece is over 20 years old. It feels like only yesterday Monkey D. Luffy was setting out on his grand adventure to find the elusive treasure known as One Piece. As the years flew by, Luffy and his three-man pirate crew have only grown in size. While every new member of the Straw Hat Pirates is wonderful in their own ways, one can't help but feel a strong attachment to the initial members of Luffy's gang. Particularly, the first female swashbuckler and navigator for the Going Merry: Nami.

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While Nami has matured in looks and worn a variety of outfits throughout her pirate career, she's still the same sharp-tongued femme fatale from episode one. With a fandom as talented and dedicated as the One Piece fandom, there are a lot of amazing cosplayers out there that have transformed themselves into everyone's favorite pirate thief. Here are 10 One Piece cosplays of Nami that look exactly like the character. As always, if you loved any of these Nami cosplays, make sure show your support for these cosplayers.

10 Alabasta Nami

Out of all the early story arcs in One Piece, the Alabasta Arc was easily the first major storyline for the series. A new baddie (Crocodile) that Luffy couldn't easily defeat; a long story arc featuring multiple settings, characters, and storylines; and a completely new Arabian-themed environment to play around in. Of course, a new desert-themed setting meant a new set of clothes for the Straw Hat Pirates. Hungarian cosplayer Enji Night (@enjinight) is simply stunning as Nami in her risque belly-dancing outfit from the Alabasta Arc. (It's hot in Alabasta, after all). Behind the camera was Roberto Donadello PH.

9 Fish-Man Island Nami

An anime series isn't an anime series without a post-timeskip era. So, naturally, One Piece followed suite by aging up the Straw Hat Pirates by two years and giving them new looks and special abilities. Nami's first timeskip outfit isn't too radical from her initial appearance, but she's definitely has a more mature look going for her than before. Brazilian cosplayer Blenda Zanetti (@blendazanetti) is astonishing as Nami in her post-timeskip outfit from the Fish-Man Island Saga. Photography was done by Yan Prado (ph.yanprado).

8 Whole Cake Island Nami

Among the five fabulous outfits Nami wears throughout the Whole Cake Island Arc, her most charming attire is her initial red and white dress. French cosplayer Boa Esmera (@boa_esmera) is pictured here as Nami in her original Whole Cake Island dress.

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Boa looks incredibly cute as Whole Cake Island Nami and photographer @picturesmemories did a great job of capturing her cosplay on camera.

7 Naminore

Have you ever wondered what One Piece would look like as an old-school gangster series? The animated adaptation of "Mugiwara Theatre - Jingi-nai Time" gave viewers a glimpse of that reality by turning the Straw Hat Crew into super-deformed rival mobsters. Italian cosplayer Gaia Giselle (@gaia_giselle) based her terrific Nami cosplay on Namimore: a gun moll for the Don Zorocia family. Gaia's remarkable cosplay of Namimore was photographed by Andrew Dylan James (@andrewdylanjames).

6 Arlong Park Nami

The Arlong Park Arc is remembered for the tragic backstory of Nami and revealing the deal with the devil she made with the evil fish-man named Arlong the Saw. The most emotional scene from Arlong Park was Nami stabbing her tattooed arm that had the Arlong symbol on it; self-harming herself out of anger until Luffy calms her down by giving her his treasured Straw Hat. Floridian cosplayer Jordan (@elanthis.cos) not only dressed up as Arlong Park Nami, but she also recreated the bloody wounds from the self-stabbing scene too. It's a powerful cosplay with great special effects. On Instagram, Jordan uploaded a brief video of her applying makeup to her arm to create the fake wounds.

5 Punk Hazzard Nami

Puerto Rican cosplayer Leira (@leiracosplays) as Punk Hazzard Nami is a beautiful sight to behold. Punk Hazzard Nami, of course, derives from the Punk Hazard Arc where Luffy and the gang visit the titular island that's made up of fire and ice. Punk Hazard island also holds the honor of being the first island the Straw Hat Pirates embark on in the New World. As Leira notes on her selfie, the Punk Hazard bikini top was made by herself.

4 Dressrosa Nami

By taking one quick look at Italian cosplayer Virginia's (@virgy.wish) Instagram, you'll not only see she's an incredible cosplayer, but she's a big fan of Nami too.

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Among the many great Nami cosplays she's done, her rendition of Nami from the Dressrosa Arc is perhaps the most jaw-dropping. Virginia's cosplay photography of Dressrosa Nami was done by Antonio Starace.

3 Red Dress Nami

As previously mentioned, Nami wore quite a few exotic outfits during her trip to Whole Cake Island, such as her initial dress or battle armor. Cosplayer REN (@haisesthetics) dressed herself up as Nami in her glamorous red dress; Nami's fourth outfit from the Whole Cake Island Arc. REN looks breathtaking as red dress Nami, but what makes her cosplay even better is that she's accompanied by her wife Katie Cecilio (@teokadvm) who's dressed up as Sanji.

2 Stampede Nami

One Piece: Stampede, the 14th film in the One Piece series, recently premiered worldwide to critical and commercial success. In addition to getting a new country girl outfit for the movie, Nami also received a slightly more revealing alternative to her movie attire for her figurine.

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Filipina cosplayer Cici (@cicee.cosplays) shared her ravishing cosplay of Stampede Nami that's based on the anime figurine.

1 Monkey D. Luffy Nami

Last, but not least, cosplayer Stanu (@standesu) has based her Nami cosplay on a One Piece figurine, similarly to Cici's cosplay. The Nami figurine in question is the one that has the pirate thief dressed up in a scantily clad version of Monkey D. Luffy's outfit; complete with his famous straw hat. Stanu's excellent cosplay of Nami is just as mesmerizing as Nami herself.

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