One Piece: All Known Cursed Swords (& 5 That Are Likely Cursed)

The One Piece world features some monstrously powerful characters, some of which wield the strongest of swords. Over the years, we've been introduced to mighty blades, such as the likes of Mihawk's Yoru, and others which are even more peculiar, known as Cursed Swords. As evident from the name itself, cursed swords are blades that have a curse bound to them.

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The curse varies from blade to blade, but in general, all of them bring misery to those who wield them. That's not to say these blades aren't powerful. On the contrary, cursed swords are easily some of the mightiest of blades in One Piece. Here are all the known Cursed Swords, and 5 more that could be cursed.

9 Cursed: Sandai Kitetsu

The Sandai Kitetsu is a mighty blade that was forged by Tenguyama Hitetsu at some point, and it somehow found its way to East Blue. It ultimately ended up falling in Roronoa Zoro's hands who, just by looking at it, claimed that the blade was cursed. From what we know, those who wield the Sandai Kitetsu are met with a horrible end, which is why few people managed to keep hold of it.

Evidently, that didn't faze Roronoa Zoro, whose will to conquer the blade proved to be stronger than its curse. Over the years, the Sandai Kitetsu has grown to be one of Zoro's best blades, which is expected of a Wazamono grade sword.

8 Possibly Cursed: Oto and Kogarashi

Oto (Cherry Ten) and Kogarashi (Wintry Wind) are the blades wielded by the legendary pirate, Golden Lion Shiki. Before the Great Pirate Era, Shiki was one of the strongest known pirates on the seas, possessing the largest known Armada. Shiki possessed tremendous skills as a swordsman, being able to fight both Garp and Sengoku at the same time.

His blades could possibly be cursed since they are renowned weapons in the possession of one of the mightiest pirates to sail the seas. Although Oda hasn't confirmed it to date, we might see a bit more of him in a future SBS.

7 Cursed: Kikoku

Kikoku belongs to none other than the Captain of the Heart Pirates and one of the members of the Worst Generation, Trafalgar D. Water Law. As its wielder, Law possesses tremendous skills when it comes to fighting, being capable of cutting through mountains and even Haki.

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Interestingly enough, the exact grade of this sword is not known, but it is likely one of the 21 O Wazamono grade swords. It remains to be seen what curse Kikoku bears, but it is speculated that it has to do with enduring pain since 'Kikoku' literally means 'wail'. Hopefully, we'll get confirmation on it soon.

6 Possibly Cursed: Hitetsu's Sword

One of the best-known swordsmiths in the world of One Piece, Tenguyama Hitetsu is quite the swordsman himself as well. Although his exact proficiency with a sword isn't known, the fact that he's a renowned swordsman of Wano already makes him one of the strongest known characters in the country.

Hitetsu wields an unknown blade of an unknown rank which is likely cursed as well. Since he was the one who created the cursed blade 'Sandai Kitetsu', it is highly likely that Hitetsu's very own sword is cursed as well. Unfortunately, its powers haven't been revealed yet, but we've pinned our hopes on Onigashima to give us a glimpse of what it can do.

5 Cursed: Nidai Kitetsu

Belonging to the Kitetsu family, the Nidai Kitetsu was created by a legendary swordsmith of Wano Country named Kotetsu. This blade was in the possession of Tenguyama Hitetsu, a descendant of Kotetsu. Being one of the 21 O Wazamono grade swords, the Nidai Kitetsu is significantly stronger than the Sandai Kitetsu.

Just like Sandai Kitetsu, this blade is cursed as well, and its curse is potentially stronger than that of the Sandai Kitetsu. Currently, the Nidai Kitetsu is being held by Monkey D. Luffy, although he barely knows how to handle a regular sword, let alone a cursed one.

4 Possibly Cursed: Raiu

Raiu is a nodachi type of blade that's wielded by the second division commander of the Blackbeard Pirates, Shiryu of the Rain. Its name 'Raiu' literally means 'Thunderstorm'. Although its rank hasn't been confirmed yet, it is likely one of the O Wazamono grade swords. While Raiu's abilities are unknown, it is implied to have a thirst for blood, as claimed by Shiryu during the Impel Down arc.

According to Shiryu, this sword has tasted the blood of many fallen victims, and it is extremely difficult to handle, as a result. Although it isn't confirmed to be a cursed sword, it is likely going to be presented as one by the end of the series.

3 Likely Cursed: Durandal

Durandal belongs to the Captain of the Beautiful Pirates and the first division commander of the Straw Hat Grand Fleet, Cavendish. This sword is extremely powerful, as seen throughout the entirety of the Dressrosa arc. With its power, Cavendish had sliced through his enemies without any significant trouble.

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Although the sword doesn't appear to be cursed by its appearance, it might have something to do with Hakuba, Cavendish's alter-ego. Hakuba awakens when Cavendish falls asleep, and his power is certainly astounding. Why Cavendish has Hakuba with him isn't known, but his sword being cursed gives fans something to grasp upon.

2 Possibly Cursed: Enma

Enma is one of the two blades that belonged to the legendary samurai, Kozuki Oden of Wano. Along with Ame no Habakiri, this sword is said to be a match for even the likes of Shusui, wielded by Shimotsuki Ryuma. Enma is extremely hard to master as it drains every bit of Haki from its user, making their bodies shrivel up in the process. Consequently, the slashes unleashed are a lot more powerful than intended as well.

Enma bears a sinister feeling to it since it was described by Hitetsu as the blade that can even 'slice hell apart', while Ame no Habakiri is a blade that can 'split heavens'. As such, there's no doubt that Enma could possibly be a cursed sword.

1 Cursed: Shodai Kitetsu

The first forged Kitetsu blade, known as the Shodai Kitetsu is the strongest out of all three of them. This sword is one of the Saijo o Wazamono grade swords, making it one of the 12 strongest blades in the entire One Piece series. The forger of this sword isn't known yet, but it is likely one of Hitetsu's family as well.

The Shodai Kitetsu possesses the same curse as the Sandai and Nidai Kitetsu, although likely much stronger. In terms of power, it is a magnificent blade that can be compared to Mihawk's Yoru and Whitebeard's Murakumogiri, and hence packs a lot of power.

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